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American Anti-Drug Films & Broadcasts Set MP4 Video Download 2 DVD Set

American Anti-Drug Films & Broadcasts Set MP4 Video Download 2 DVD Set
American Anti-Drug Films & Broadcasts Set MP4 Video Download 2 DVD Set
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Nineteen Shocking 20th Century American Drug Information, Propaganda And Educational Films And Broadcasts! 7 Astounding Hours Presented As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality 2 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set! #SocialGuidanceFilms #DrugFilms #DrugEducationFilms #DrugEducation #AntiDrugFilms #Documentaries #AntiDrugPropaganda #DrugAbuse #DrugAddiction #DrugCulture #RecreationalDrugs #Cannabis #Marijuana #StonerFilms #PaulNewman #Dragnet #JackWebb #HarryMorgan #AnitaBryant #MacNeilLehrer #MacNeilLehrerNewshour #MandatorySentencing #MandatoryDrugSentencing #MP4 #VideoDownload #DVD



Paul Newman narrates this history of the poppy plant from its harvesting for opium to its processing into heroin. Analyzes the ways and means of organized crime in importing and distributing the drug in the United States.

DRUG ABUSE: THE CHEMICAL TOMB (Color, 1969, 19 Minutes)
Alan Kishbaugh's astonishing table-turning film, which seeks to demonstrate that drug usage is actually counter-counter-culture - that's right, drugs are responsible for preventing social change. VERY interesting!

DRUG ADDICTION (Color, 1951, 22 Minutes)
The Juvenile Protection Association of Chicago, in association with the Wieboldt Foundation, created this film to communicate the message that marijuana usage ultimately results in heroin addiction.

NARCOTICS: PIT OF DISPAIR (Color, 1967, 28 Minutes)
Considered by many to be the greatest of all anti-drug films, this picture takes its viewers on a journey with a good family boy gone bad through very nearly every cliche of 1960s-era just-say-no-dom and makes you like it - sort of - and you will adore it for it - for sure!

SUBJECT: NARCOTICS (Color, 1951, 22 Minutes)
Famed filmmakers Denis and Terry Sanders produced and directed this film in Los Angeles for the Anti-Narcotic League of America, to be used by police for orienting and training their departments on the issues of narcotic addiction and the social problems they present. Poignant and stark images throughout make it compelling viewing.

THE TERRIBLE TRUTH (Color, 1951, 11 Minutes)
Yep, we're on a roll here - marijuana use leads straight to "H". Here we are again, this time the story gets told through the person of an innocent young girl who falls for the wrong kind of debonaire man. Great film!

DRAGNET - EPISODE #18: THE BIG SEVENTEEN (Black/White, November 6th, 1952, 31 Minutes)
Bet you never thought you'd never be able to see such early Jack Webb and Harry Morgan DRAGNET stuff as this! As the incredibly hot TV lighting of the day causes sweat to glisten on the brows of nearly every one of the actors, the famous uncompromising intolerance of Joe Friday in the pursuit of justic for the public is as much in evidence in this kinescope as in any of his later work. It's just as true-to-formula & topical too, as Sgt. Friday ferrets out the sordid details of what made a bunch of nice suburban kids go mad and destroy a movie theater - you guessed it, it was reefer, of course!

DRUGS ARE LIKE THAT (Color, 1979, 17 Minutes)
Florida orange juice spokeswoman and anti-gay activist Anita Bryant narrates this surrealistic film which in the process of presenting what is supposed to be anti-drug message by way of comparisons between drugs and other things in life unintentionally also produced a conciousness-bending drug culture camp favorite as well!

SOCIAL SEMINAR: CHANGING (Color, 1971, 28 Minutes)
An installment of UCLA's famed Extension Media Center sociology course in which the changing state of social roles and relationships during this pivotal time in American popular culture is assessed in terms of the stereotypes whose meanings had became blurred at the time, including those that involved alternate lifestyle choics and drug useage. A collegial film classic that also succeeds in giving an unbiased, honest assessment of the counter culture social movement of the day.

ASSASSIN OF YOUTH (Black/White, 1937, 1:14 Minutes)
A reporter exposes more than a drug ring when he poses as a soda jerk to ferret out a story - he snatches from them a good wholesome kid set up to become a pothead by her inheritance-hungry relatives in order to swindle her out of her grandmother's dough.

A DAY IN THE DEATH OF DONNY B. (Black/White, 1969, 15 Minutes)
A classic period piece chronicling in cinema verite format a young black junkie living a life of crime on the streets of New York City in his never-ending quest for the next heroin fix.

ECSTACY - DO NOT LET THE NAME FOOL YOU (Color, 2004, 4 Minutes)
An unconventional U.S. Navy production intending to instruct recruits in the zero tolerance policy of the Navy towards drug abuse in general and the drug ecstacy in particular.

KEEP OFF THE GRASS (Color, 1969, 21 Minutes)
Though a little bit worse for wear & tear, this extraordinarily stereotypical anti-marijuana camp film will bombard your psyche right in that big generation gap between squaresville & hippy weirdom!

"Shanghai - Native police under foreign control set out on raids to break up illicit drug traffic". What they also got was a huge contact high as Japanese troops troops & western officials set fire to the stash!

OPIUM DESTRUCTION, SAN FRANCISCO (Black/White, 1914, Silent, 3 Minutes)
Another mass contact high induced by government agents who burn stash & hookah paraphernalia alike before an unfinished City Hall.

SINISTER MENACE (Black/White, 1932, 10 Minutes)
Extraordinary Dwain Esper production incorporating Egyptian newsreel footage documenting the smuggling, sale and use of narcotics in Egypt and that nation's distribution of these drugs to the world at large.

THE MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH (Black/White, 1916, Silent w/Sound Score, 19 Minutes)
The great Douglas Fairbanks appears in this improbable drug-induced fantasy about Detective Coke Ennyday and his delightfully confusing attempts to break up a smuggling ring and a loveless marriage while "hopped"-up, literally, on a variety of drugs.

THE PUSHER (Black/White, 1955, 18 Minutes)
A wonderfully trashy slap-dash omnibus of excerpts from a variety of bogus anti-drug films, most notably from the film MARIHUANA featured on our AMERICAN DRUG FILMS VOLUME II DVD, presented as factual case histories, and strung together with a "moderator" whose over-the-top emoting throughout the film is the critical ingredient that makes this film a must-see.

UNTITLED WESTERN MOVIE SERIAL: CHAPTER ONE: WEED OF DEATH! (Black/White, Unknown Date, Silent w/Sound Score, 15 Minutes)
An otherwise inexplicable feature which tells the incredible story of silent-era cowboys killing each while stoned on reefers. Any other explanations can hardly do justice to just how weird this film is.

An excellent installment of the nightly PBS television news show that reports how federal US judges were forced against their better judgement to apply harsh mandatory sentencing, sentences enacted in a panic over the rise of crack cocaine abuse nationwide, to first offenders regarding narcotics cases, and even against marijuana offenses, regardless of any other any and all other considerations or mitigating factors.

Drug Films are films that depict either drug distribution or drug use, whether as a major theme or in a few memorable scenes. Drug cinema ranges from the ultra-realistic to the utterly surreal; some films are unabashedly pro- or anti-drug, while others are less judgmental. The drugs most commonly shown in films are cocaine, heroin, LSD, cannabis and methamphetamine. There is extensive overlap with crime films, which are more likely to treat drugs as plot devices to keep the action moving. The following is a partial list of drug films and the substances involved.