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Chuck McCann 1960s New York City Kids TV Shows DVD, Download, USB

Chuck McCann 1960s New York City Kids TV Shows DVD, Download, USB
Chuck McCann 1960s New York City Kids TV Shows DVD, Download, USB
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One of New York City's Original 1960s TV Kid Show Hosts Displays His Comic Genius In Over 150 Minutes On A Single High Quality Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


I consider it one of the great fortunes of my life to have been exactly the right age at exactly the right time in exactly the right place to see & love "The Chuck McCann Show", New York City's "Kidult" local area tv series, when it was aired between 1963-1967 on Stations WPIX Channel 11 and Metromedia WNEW Channel 5 repectively. Chuck's show, along with his other groundbreaking brethern Sandy Becker, Soupy Sales & others, set a national standard for what such local programming could and should be for years to come, and formed a line of succession which continues on, even out to The Uncle Floyd Show and Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse. They proved that one man could go on a television stage before millions of people with practically no budget, minimal sets, few props, and often barely a script, and actually get away with it, day after day, and even bring into being moments of brilliant and inspired television, while at the same time originating the genre of "good bad television" that is so much a product of New York City sensibilities.

Of all these shows, The Chuck McCann Show was my favorite. It strikes a chord deep within me that I know to be the product of other New York City sensibilities that Chuck himself imparted, and which I incorporated as a little boy at a moment in time when people really could believe such sentiments were not so childish:

"Time has come for us to all say so long now, take our love along with you in a song now, stretch your hand out to your brother, till we meet again, be good to each other."

I believed in those sentiments then. I still believe in them now. Thank you, Chuck, for transmitting such noble sentiments to so many appreciative kids, who remember you and love you for what you did and are.

Includes golf cart acrobatics; trick timpani playing; the McCann Silent Typer; You Wanted It, You Got It - The Great Bombo Dump does rope trick and exploding box trick; Ranger Smith and the Legend of Lake Stupid; Fountain Service - Faux Emmet Kelley meets Snake Charmer; "British" Submerged Military Field Parade; "Fine & Dandy" Water-drinking Ventriliquism; 52nd Street Pizzeria; "Fine & Dandy" Handkerchief-gagging Ventriliquism; Bunko Squad; You Wanted It, You Got It - The Great Bombo Dump gets shot out of a Zellini Cannon; So Long Now; 2 Series Opening Versions; Jack Benny Impression; Fred Dump & His Matchstick Eiffel Tower; The World's Unluckiest Man; Bad Opera Singing; The Late Late Dump Show With Little Orphan Annie's Ads For Bombo Cleanser, Feet and Toes & Protecto Pens; Seems Like Old Times; Abortive "Fine & Dandy" Ventriloquism; Dragon Lady & How To Know If A Child Has Talent; Wobbles Floor Painting Blooper; Series Closing (B&W, 2:30).

NOTE: Due to the age and condition of the source media, the picture quality sometimes falls below regularly accepted standards. It should nevertheless not prevent you from greatly enjoying this pioneering time in television history. Enjoy!