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Chopper Wars: Airmobile Helicopters & The Vietnam War DVD, MP4, USB

Chopper Wars: Airmobile Helicopters & The Vietnam War DVD, MP4, USB
Chopper Wars: Airmobile Helicopters & The Vietnam War DVD, MP4, USB
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A Most Comprehensive And Detailed Chronicle Of The Dawn Of The Airmobile Air Assault Helicopter Force In The Vietnam War, As Seen In Two Full-Length Documentaries: 1) THE WAR FILES: CHOPPER WARS (Color, 1991, 54 Minutes) A Careful Historical And Doctrinal Analysis Narrated By Patrick Allen; And 2) CHOPPER WARS (Color, 1988, 45 Minutes): A Combat Chronicle Of The Airmobile Concept In Action - Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #AirMobile #AirAssault #CombatHelicopters #AssaultHelicopters #Helicoptes #VTOL #AirWarfareDuringTheVietnamWar #VietnamWar #SecondIndochinaWar #Aviation #AviationHistory #HistoryOfAviation #MilitaryAviation #MilitaryAviationHistory #HistoryOfMilitaryAviation #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

The Vietnam War saw widespread use of the military helicopter in a variety of roles, particular those roles that fixed wing aircraft could not perform due to their inability to hover or to land and take off vertically. The most common use of military helicopters during the war was transport of troops, but transport helicopters can be and were modified or converted to perform other missions such as combat search and rescue (CSAR), medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), airborne command post, or even armed with weapons for attacking ground targets. Specialized military helicopters are intended to conduct specific missions. Examples of specialized military helicopters are attack helicopters, observation helicopters and anti-submarine warfare helicopters. The Vietnam War was the first to employ, and the most widespread use of, the Air Assault doctrine, the movement of ground-based military forces by vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft such as the helicopters to seize and hold key terrain which has not been fully secured, and to directly engage enemy forces behind enemy lines. In addition to regular infantry training, air-assault units usually receive training in rappelling, fast-rope techniques and air transportation, and their equipment is sometimes designed or field-modified to allow better transportation within aircraft. The 1997 US Army field manual FM 1-02 (FM 101-5-1) describes an "air assault operation" as an operation in which assault forces (combat, combat support, and combat service support), using the firepower, mobility, and total integration of helicopter assets, maneuver on the battlefield under the control of the ground or air maneuver commander to engage and destroy enemy forces or to seize and hold key terrain usually behind enemy lines. Due to the transport load restrictions of helicopters, air assault forces are usually light infantry, though some armored fighting vehicles, like the Russian BMD-1 are designed to fit most heavy lift helicopters, which enable assaulting forces to combine air mobility with a certain degree of ground mechanization. Invariably the assaulting troops are highly dependent on aerial fire support provided by the armed helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft escorting them. Air assault should not be confused with air attack, air strike, or air raid, which all refer to attack using solely aircraft (for example bombing, strafing, etc.). Moreover, air assault should not be confused with an airborne assault, which occurs when paratroopers, and their weapons and supplies, are dropped by parachute from transport aircraft, often as part of a strategic offensive operation.