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CBS WWII Radio: World News Today MP3 Set CD, Download, USB Flash Drive

CBS WWII Radio: World News Today MP3 Set CD, Download, USB Flash Drive
CBS WWII Radio: World News Today MP3 Set CD, Download, USB Flash Drive
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36+ Hours Packed into 44 MP3s on 1 CD! The Renowned "World News Today" War News Radio Show Featuring the Broadcasts of Murrow, Trout, Severeid, Collingswood, Edwards & More!


WorldNewsToday01 - Invasion of Oran | WorldNewsToday02 - Counteroffensive at Stalingrad | WorldNewsToday03 - Russia, Burma & French North Africa | WorldNewsToday04 - Military & Political Situation in Tunisia | WorldNewsToday05 - U.N. Air Power, French North Africa | WorldNewsToday06 - Rostov and Guadalcanal | WorldNewsToday07 - Tunisia, Russia & Southwest Pacific | WorldNewsToday08 - Karkov, Southwest Pacific & North Africa | WorldNewsToday09 - Tunisia, Smolensk, Solomons | WorldNewsToday10 - Mediterranean, Russia, North & South Pacific | WorldNewsToday11 - Aleutians, Sicily, Italy, US envoy in Moscow | WorldNewsToday12 - Pacific, Mediterranean & Europe | WorldNewsToday13 - Europe, Pacific, China, Africa, Italy, Sicily | WorldNewsToday14 - Churchill in Canada, Sicily, Milan, Berlin | WorldNewsToday15 - Invasion of Italy the Ukraine, New Gineau | WorldNewsToday16 - Corsica, White Russia, Europe, New Gineau | WorldNewsToday17 - Germany, Greece, Crete, Italy, Nieper Line | WorldNewsToday18 - France & Austria, Italy, Crimea, Yugoslavia | WorldNewsToday19 - Cassino, Russia, Yugoslavia, New Britain | WorldNewsToday20 - Eisenhower, Churchill, Cassino | WorldNewsToday21 - Rome, Brunswick, Leningrad, Marshall Islands | WorldNewsToday22 - Daylight Raids over Germany, Anzio | WorldNewsToday23 - France, Romania, Yugoslavia, Admiralties | WorldNewsToday24 - Germany, Austria, Frankfurt, Poland, Cassino | WorldNewsToday25 - Austria,Odessa, Imphal | WorldNewsToday26 - Anzio, Fortress Europe, Burma, Philippines | WorldNewsToday27 - Cherbourg, Nieper, Saipan, Marianas | WorldNewsToday28 - German coup, Estonia, Pisa, Florence, Guam | WorldNewsToday29 - Brittany, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Florence | WorldNewsToday30 - Falaise, Seine, Toulon, Marseillaise, Japan | WorldNewsToday31 - Belgium, Metz, Leon, Carpathians, Gothic Line | WorldNewsToday32 - Holland, Rhineland, Hungary, Philippines | WorldNewsToday33 - Metz, Nancy, Belgrade, Cornith, Bologna | WorldNewsToday34 - Leyte, Hungary, East Prussia, Aegean, Lemnos | WorldNewsToday35 - Singapore, Sumatra, Honshu, Leyte, Holland | WorldNewsToday36 - Aachen, Siegfried Line, Saar, Yugoslavia | WorldNewsToday37 - Bastogne, Sedan, Budapest, Greece, Athens | WorldNewsToday38 - Belgium, Budapest, Italy, Formosa, Luzon | WorldNewsToday39 - Bremen, Kiel, Danzig, Iwo Jima, Mindinao | WorldNewsToday40 - Rhine, Ruhr, Hungary, B29s over Japan | WorldNewsToday41 - FDR buried, United Nations, 3rd Army Front | WorldNewsToday42 - Tokyo, Taiwan, Korea, Nanking, Okinawa, Tito | WorldNewsToday43 - Honshu, Okinawa, S. E. Asia, Petain, Potsdam | WorldNewsToday44 - U.S. Fleet outside Tokyo, Japan surrendered

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