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CBS European War News: The Summer Of 1940 MP3 Set CD, Download, USB

CBS European War News: The Summer Of 1940 MP3 Set CD, Download, USB
CBS European War News: The Summer Of 1940 MP3 Set CD, Download, USB
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Over 7 Hours Packed into 72 High Quality MP3s on 1 CD 72 Daily World War II Broadcasts from London, Paris, Berlin & Rome by Edward R. Murrow, William L. Shirer, Eric Severeid & More, Covering the Events Following the Fall of France to the Epic Battle of Britain During WWII!


CBSEWN400628 - Channel islands bombed, Balbo shot down over Tobruk.mp3 CBSEWN400701 - Diplomat expulsions, British & German air raids.mp3 CBSEWN400703 - British mainland & isles bombed, British bomb Germany, Balkans.mp3 CBSEWN400704 - British attack French fleet at Oran, Egypt.mp3 CBSEWN400705 - Oran aftermath.mp3 CBSEWN400706 - Hitler returns to Germany, UK invasion rumors, North Africa.mp3 CBSEWN400708 - German & British air raids, rumors of UK invasion, UXBs, Chamberlain, Balkans, Vichy.mp3 CBSEWN400709 - France to become Vichy, German & British air raids, Balkans, North Africa.mp3 CBSEWN400710 - British & Italian naval clash, Hungary, Oran, Vichy founded.mp3 CBSEWN400711 - Axis & Russia agree on Balkans, British & Italian naval clashes, New Vichy Gov't.mp3 CBSEWN400712 - German air raids on UK, British & Italian naval clashes, Petain Broadcast.mp3 CBSEWN400713 - German & UK air raids, Italian & UK naval clashes.mp3 CBSEWN400715 - DNC meets, German & UK air raids, Kenya.mp3 CBSEWN400716 - DNC, blockade of Italy, UK air raids on Germany, Palestine.mp3 CBSEWN400717 - DNC, Germany & UK air raids, Axis propaganda.mp3 CBSEWN400718 - FDR vs Wilkie, German & UK air raids, Balkans.mp3 CBSEWN400719 - FDR accepts 3rd term, UK & German air raids.mp3 CBSEWN400720 - New UK Home Forces Commander, Germany demands UK surrender, German air raids, Italian naval losses.mp3 CBSEWN400722 - Havana Conference begins, UK naval losses.mp3 CBSEWN400723 - Highest UK budget ever, Havana Conference begins, fascist propaganda about German peace offer.mp3 CBSEWN400724 - German & UK air raids, Germans threaten UK invasion, Trusteeship of colonies discussed at Havana.mp3 CBSEWN400725 - German, UK & Italian air raids, Germans use captured Corsair aircraft.mp3 CBSEWN400726 - Italians bomb Gibraltar, Balkans, Europe's new economy & map.mp3 CBSEWN400727 - German air raids on & peace offers to UK, Germans meet Balkan leaders.mp3 CBSEWN400729 - British Isles near invasion, French channel ports closed.mp3 CBSEWN400730 - UK isles bombed, Germans concentrate forces on Channel.mp3 CBSEWN400731 - UK blockade of Germany & Italy, German daylight raids on UK, UK invasion looms.mp3 CBSEWN400801 - Germans bomb UK, UK bombing raids, UK blockades Germany & Italy, UK invasion looms.mp3 CBSEWN400802 - Leaflets dropped on UK, air raids on UK & Scotland.mp3 CBSEWN400803 - UK bombs Europe, Germans bomb UK, UK arrests Japanese businessmen.mp3 CBSEWN400805 - UK invasion near, Norway.mp3 CBSEWN400806 - UK invasion near, UK & German air raids.mp3 CBSEWN400808 - Europe & East Africa fighting intensifies, German & UK air raids, Somaliland.mp3 CBSEWN400809 - Dogfights over English Channel & Libya .mp3 CBSEWN400810 - Air raids on UK intensify, Somaliland, Tobruk.mp3 CBSEWN400812 - Huge air battles over SE UK, Somaliland.mp3 CBSEWN400813 - UK hit with worst air raids so far, believes invasion imminent.mp3 CBSEWN400814 - Midlands & Wales bombed, Berlin bombed, Germans guns fire across channel.mp3 CBSEWN400815 - Bad weather hampers German air raids, paratroopers hunted after in UK, Eritrea, Italy threatens Greece.mp3 CBSEWN400816 - Great air raids on UK, North Italy bombed, Germany & Italy threaten Swiss, Japan.mp3 CBSEWN400817 - More great raids on UK expected, UK suburbs bombed, Somaliland.mp3 CBSEWN400818 - Somaliland, UK bombed, Germany warns US.mp3 CBSEWN400819 - UK bombings continue, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Abyssinia.mp3 CBSEWN400820 - UK Bombings lessen, Churchill to address commons, defense of North America.mp3 CBSEWN400821 - UK midlands & S.E. bombed, Berlin radio off the air.mp3 CBSEWN400822 - UK cabinet changes possible, Egypt.mp3 CBSEWN400823 - 1st Night Raid on London, Invasion of Greece likely.mp3 CBSEWN400824 - Lull in air rairs, Dover shelled, Balkans.mp3 CBSEWN400826 - Berlin & London bombed, Somaliland.mp3 CBSEWN400827 - Heaviest air raids on UK yet, Berlin bombed, US conscription vote.mp3 CBSEWN400828 - Mass Daylight air raid on UK, Italy bombs Haifa, UK bombs North Italy, Balkan Crisis.mp3 CBSEWN400829 - London & Berlin bombed, Suez Canal & Alexandria bombed.mp3 CBSEWN400830 - Romania may accept new Hungarian border, UK bombed, Italy bombs UK forces in N. Africa.mp3 CBSEWN400831 - London & Berlin bombed, Romania halved by Dictators, Sirens interrupt UK broadcast.mp3 CBSEWN400902 - London & Berlin bombed, Munich & Sardinia & N. Italy bombed.mp3 CBSEWN400903 - 2 London bombings, Berlin bombed, Transylvania crisis.mp3 CBSEWN400904 - London & Berlin bombed, Romania, UK - US Naval treaty.mp3 CBSEWN400905 - Antonescu overthrows Romania's King, UK heavily bombed, Hitler will 'erase' UK cities, Mediterranean & N. Africa.mp3 CBSEWN400906 - King Carol abdicates to Michael, Longest London bombing (Exraordinary broadcast).mp3 CBSEWN400907 - Berlin & many UK cities heavily bombed, US conscription vote near.mp3 CBSEWN400909 - Heaviest London bombing yet, Hamburg bombed, Italy bombs Alexandria & Haifa, France to lose South East Asia.mp3 CBSEWN400914 - London & UK bombed, N. Africa, Buckingham Palace bombed, Troops poised to invade UK.mp3 CBSEWN400916 - London & Liverpool & Belfast bombed, N. Africa, US conscription, Ghandi.mp3 CBSEWN400917 - London heavily bombed, US conscription becomes law, German ships in channel attacked.mp3 CBSEWN400918 - Longest London bombing yet, Benghazi, Egypt, Spain may join Axis.mp3 CBSEWN400919 - London heavily bombed, US conscription process begins, invasion ports bombed, Sidi Barani.mp3 CBSEWN400920 - Von Ribbentropp visits Mussolini, London bombed, UK bombs N. Africa, Japan demands more Indo-china bases.mp3 CBSEWN400921 - London heavily bombed, Indochina, Von Ribbentropp, Spain, Germans use new bomb.mp3 CBSEWN400923 - London & UK heavily bombed, Indochina, Germans use new flares, Egypt, Sidi Barani, Malta.mp3 CBSEWN400924 - London heavily bombed, Heaviest Berlin bombing yet, Dakar, Indochina.mp3 CBSEWN400925 - London & UK bombed, Berlin & invasion ports bombed, Dakar, German-Japanese defense agreement.mp3 CBSEWN400927 - 3 Power Alliance (Axis) formed, London & UK bombed.mp3

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