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Cathay Videos: China VAV The U.S. Video Set DVD, MP4, USB Flash Drive

Cathay Videos: China VAV The U.S. Video Set DVD, MP4, USB Flash Drive
Cathay Videos: China VAV The U.S. Video Set DVD, MP4, USB Flash Drive
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The China Of Both The Mainland And Taiwan As Seen In And From The U.S. In All Regions DVD Format!


An excellent 1987 broadcast of the Asian-American showcase TV series hosted by Tritia Toyota (of whom The Dickies song "Stuck In A Pagoda With Tricia Toyota" (sic) is about) of a wonderful 1985 film by Lisa Hsia, a young Chinese woman from Illinois who returns to the country of her ancestry when she comes to stay with relatives while she attended Beijing University.

SINO-WORLD TELEVISION: RIOT IN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (Color, Chinese [Mandarin] Language, 28 Minutes)
An extraordinary 1990 installment of the Taiwanese nightly satellite tv news network reporting on a shocking eruption of rage in the Taiwanese National Assembly between members of the Guomindang party and Qinmíndang or People First Party. It is unnecessary to understand Mandarin at all in order to be astounded with wonder that what you are seeing actually happened. Great commercials in both English and Mandarin appear throughout.

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