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Cane Toads: An Unnatural History Documentary In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

Cane Toads: An Unnatural History Documentary In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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The Incredible Story Of The Cane Toad's Importation From Hawaii To Australia, And How They Have Become A Dominant Species In Australian Nature And Culture, For Better Or Worse, In All Regions DVD Format!


They were imported from Hawaii To Australia in 1935 to eat and thereby control the population of sugar cane beetles that were blighting the national Australian sugar crop. They ate alright - everything except the sugar cane beetles these cane toads were brought to Australia to eat. Reproducing like mad, fearless of humans, docile when handled but exuding a potentially lethal poison from their skin when endangered, moving into peoples homes with or without the home owner's permission, and eating everything from cat food to ping pong balls, they have become throughout much of Australia, invasive species or not, a part of life - welcomed and loved by some Australians, hunted and hated by others. Some even smoke them and get high from them, and they risk jail time in doing so! The improbable, even impossible story of the ubiquitous cane toads is here told in a manner amusing, informative, provocative, alarming and entertaining! (1988, Color, 46 Min.)

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