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Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge And The Cambodian Genocide DVD MP4 USB Drive

Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge And The Cambodian Genocide DVD MP4 USB Drive
Cambodia: The Khmer Rouge And The Cambodian Genocide DVD MP4 USB Drive
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The Shocking Story Of Cambodia, A Beautiful Country In The South Of Indochina Led By Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Immune To The Vietnam War Until Pro-War Prime Minister Lon Nol's Successful Cambodian Coup Of 1970. Nol's Disastrous Overthrow In The Cambodian Civil War By The Khmer Rouge ("Red Khmers"), The Army Of The Communist Party of Kampuchea Led By Revolutionary History Teacher Pol Pot, Helped Establish The Democratic Kampuchea Government, Responsible For The Killing Fields And Prisons Of The Cambodian Genocide That Killed 1.5 To 2 Million People Of A Total Population Of 7.8 Million People Until Their Defeat In The Christmas 1978 Cambodian-Vietnamese War. That Defeat In Conventional Battle Transformed Into A Ten-Year Guerilla War For The Khmer Rouge, Who Fought In Coalition With Other Khmer Political Factions In The Government-In-Exile Coalition Government Of Democratic Kampuchea, Against The Vietnamese Occupation Forces In Cambodia And Their People's Republic Of Kampuchea Puppet State. The Whole Bloody Mess Ended With The 1991 Paris Peace Agreements That Marked The Official End Of The Cambodian-Vietnamese War And Reestablished The Kingdom Of Cambodia As The Second Kingdom of Cambodia -- All This And Much More Examined In Four Insightful Video Features: 1) THE EAGLE AND THE BEAR: DATELINE: 1975, CAMBODIA..., A Moving Episode Of The Venerable Cold War History TV Series Focused On The Fall Of Cambodia's Capitol Of Phnom Phenh And The Resulting Khmer Rouge Regime And Its Aftermath (Color, 1989, 24 Minutes); 2) THE VIETNAM WAR WITH WALTER CRONKITE: EPISODE 11: LEGACIES (EXCERPT), A Selection From Walter Cronkite's TV Documentary Series On The Vietnam War, Where CBS Correspondent Ed Bradley Revisits Cambodia Ten Years After He Left To Visit A Killing Field Shrine To The Bones Of Nearly 9,000 Victims Of The Cambodian Genocide (Color, 1987, 4 Minutes); 3) FIRING LINE: US SUPPORT FOR KHMER ROUGE GUERILLAS, An Episode Of William F. Buckley's Long-Running Political Debate Television Series Where Buckley Argues With U.S. Representative Stephen Solarz Over The Merits Of Political Support For The Khmer Rouge In The Aftermath Of The Cambodian-Vietnamese War (Color, 1989, 29 Minutes); And 4) SITUATION ZERO, A Moving And Disturbing Chronicle Of Life Within A Cambodian Coalition Refugee Camp In Thailand, At Once Housing Innocent Civilians And Providing Recruits In The Guerilla War With Vietnam (Color, 1988, 60 Minutes.) -- Two Full Hours Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1 Hour 57 Minutes Total.) #KhmerRouge #CommunistPartyOfKampuchea #KhmerCommunistParty #KhmerRougeRuleOfCambodia #PolPot #CambodianGenocide #TheKillingFields #CoalitionGovernmentOfDemocraticKampuchea #CGDK #NationalGovernmentOfCambodia #NGC #OnePartyStates #NorodomSihanouk #KingsOfCambodia #PrimeMinistersOfCambodia #WhiteCrocodiles #CambodianCoupOf1970 #CambodianCivilWar #PhnomPenh #KhmerRepublic #LonNol #LonNolSpelledBackwardsIsLonNol #CambodianVietnameseWar #PeoplesRepublicOfKampuchea #FirstIndochinaWar #VietnamWar #ResistanceWarAgainstAmerica #Cambodia #KingdomOfCambodia #Khmers #KhmerPeople #FrenchIndochina #Indochina #DVD #VideoDownload #USBFlashDrive