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British Public Information & Propaganda Films DVD, Download, USB Drive

British Public Information & Propaganda Films DVD, Download, USB Drive
British Public Information & Propaganda Films DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The Do's and Don'ts of Life According To Her Majesty's Government - Over 3 Full Hours Of Rare Archival Films Packed Into 22 Films On 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


A Warning to Travellers (Five Pounds in Notes) (1949, 1:03)
After World War 2, more money was leaving the UK than was coming in. To stem to the flow, all travellers were permitted no more than 5 in notes when leaving the country.

Berlin Airlift (1949, 10:13)
How Great Britain did her part in keeping West Berlin free.

Brief City (1952, 18:44)
A review of the prior year's Festival of Britain held on the south bank of the Thames river.

Charley's March of Time (1948, 9:02)
The popular animated public information films character Charley queries the need for the 1948 National Insurance Acts which legislated health insurance for all citizens.

Charley Junior's School Days (1949, 8:45)
The strapping son of Charley learns what the nation's school system has planned for him.

Coughs and Sneezes (1945, 1:25)
The dangers of sneezing, and the employing of one's handkerchief to combat them.

Don't Spread Germs (Jet Propelled Germs) (1948, 1:02)
The necessity of placing one's used handerchiefs in a bowl of disinfectant is here asserted, though a suitable disinfectant is not posited.

Festival In London (1951, 9:31)
Another fine documentary on the 1951 Festival of Britain held on the south bank of the Thames river.

Into the Blue (1950, 10:27)
How Great Britain pioneered jet propelled civilian airline service.

Journey by a London Bus (1950, 8:05)
A delightful, almost Pythonesque film on the famed London Double-Decker Bus system.

London Airport (1949, 9:29)
A history of London's famed Heathrow International Airport.

Men of the World (1950, 9:36)
The British Army abroad in Gibraltar, Egypt's Suez Canal and Hong Kong.

Modern Guide to Health (1947, 8:46)
How the nation's citizenry can correct it's posture, exercise properly in the fresh air, and keep it's health up in general.

New Town (1948, 8:15)
City planning, post-war style.

Pedestrian Crossing (1948, 2:04)
How to properly cross the road in the UK.

Pop Goes The Weasel (1948, 9:41)
How the taxes of the day were being spent on the world war of yesterday.

Read Any Good Meters Lately? (Watch Your Meters) (1947, 1:02)
The necessity of keeping watch on one's energy consumption.

Shown by Request (1947, 18:15)
How the Ministry of Information created and distributed precisely the same kind of films contained in this DVD set.

What A Life! (1949, 11:09)
A light-hearted look at how grim life had become in post-war UK.

Wing to Wing (1951, 10:05)
Britain's part in the air forces of NATO.

Wonder Jet (1950, 19:14)
A history of the jet engine from its invention by Britain's Sir Frank Whittle to the earliest days of civil jet aviation.

Your Very Good Health (1948, 8:37)
Charley's back to send us off knowing exactly what the National Health Service (NHS) was.

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