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Boys Of The City (1940) East Side Kids DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive

Boys Of The City (1940) East Side Kids DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive
Boys Of The City (1940) East Side Kids DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive
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Street Kids Get Sent To The Country, Where They Get Mixed Up In Murder And A Haunted House! Classic Bowery Boys East Side Comedy, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD! (Black/White, 1940, 1 Hour 3 Minutes.)

Joseph H. Lewis

William Lively


Bobby Jordan ... Danny Dolan
Leo Gorcey ... Muggs McGinnis
Hal E. Chester ... Buster (as Hally Chester)
Frankie Burke ... Skinny
Vince Barnett ... Simp
Inna Gest ... Louise Mason
Dave O'Brien ... Knuckles Dolan (as David O'Brien)
Ernest Morrison ... Scruno (as Sunshine Sammy)
Minerva Urecal ... Agnes
Dennis Moore ... Giles
Donald Haines ... Peewee
David Gorcey ... Pete
Eugene Francis ... Algy Wilkes
Forrest Taylor ... Judge Malcolm Parker
Stephen Chase ... Jim Harrison (as Alden Chase)

Boys Of The City, also known as The Ghost Creeps, is a 1940 black-and-white comedy/thriller film directed by Joseph H. Lewis. It is the second East Side Kids film and the first to star Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, and Ernest Morrison. This film was a direct follow-up to East Side Kids. After completing the pilot film for the series, producer Sam Katzman was able to convince former Dead End Kids Bobby Jordan and Leo Gorcey to join the series. Katzman also brought in Gorcey's younger brother David, and former Our Gang star and Vaudeville entertainer "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison. Morrison had already known Katzman prior to joining the series. While this film is technically a sequel to the previous film, some unexplained changes are made (namely the addition of "Muggs", "Scruno", and "Buster"). Most of the cast from the previous film did not return. Bobby Jordan replaced Harris Berger in the role of "Danny", and would retain the role for a large portion of the series' run. Jack Edwards was originally slated to return as "Algernon Wilkes", but immediately declined after being offered a better paid part elsewhere. Eugene Francis took his place the day before filming began. Francis says he was paid $66 a week and the film was shot in five days. New York City exteriors were done at the Roach Studio, with interiors done on a soundstage on Gower St next to Columbia. To quote Francis: "I knew what I was getting into. It was Gower Gulch-bottom of the barrel. The cliche in Hollywood at the time was if you were working in Gower Gulch you're either on your way up or on your way down... They'd block it out so we knew where we were supposed to walk. Sometimes that was the trouble with the picture. Everyone would pile in a scene like some kind of free-for-all. It looked like it was ad-libbed or at least that's how it seemed to me. I'm a guy who likes rehearsing but they didn't believe in it. I don't think Leo Gorcey could ever rehearse. He was pretty wild and you never knew what was going to happen... There was a lot of ad-libbing but [the scenes and storyline were not substantially changed]. You'd never get the picture done otherwise. We didn't have to be word perfect just approximate... I did know that Boys of the City was terribly shot. You could see the flashlight reflection of a candle during one scene! No one cared. It was junk. They were poverty row films and no one wanted to be in them." Hal E. Chester returned, but as his character was killed off in the previous film, he plays a different character here. This would be his last East Side Kids film. In addition to Chester, Frankie Burke, Donald Haines, and Dave O'Brien all returned, and each reprised their role from the previous film. This would be Burke's last East Side Kids film. After his departure, the character of "Skinny" was given to Haines, while "Peewee" was given to David Gorcey. Filming started in June 1940.