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Bloopers: Radio & TV Outtakes CD, MP3 Audio Download, USB Flash Drive

Bloopers: Radio & TV Outtakes CD, MP3 Audio Download, USB Flash Drive
Bloopers: Radio & TV Outtakes CD, MP3 Audio Download, USB Flash Drive
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92 Less Or More Than Stellar Moments In The Wide World Of Entertainment! 3 Zany And Shocking Hours Of Highly Weird Wonderfulness, Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 CD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #Bloopers #Outtakes #OffMoments #AFVN #DawnBuster #BBC #JoeyBishop #Marijuana #Cannabis #BillySUnday #BingCrosby #BuddyRich #CaseyKasem #AmericanTop40 #ColonelSanders #ColSanders #KentuckyFriedChicken #MartinAndLewis #DeanMartin #JerryLewis #EarlWeaver #DwightDEisenhower #EltonJohn #Elvis #ElvisPresley #HeadlineEdition #BobHope #HowardCosell #HowdyDoody #JackPalance #JonathanWinters #LaVerneBaker #JackieWilson #LeeElia #FredRodgers #MisterRodgersNeighborhood #CharlieWorden #NBC #OrsonWelles #PfizerUdderTone #PorkyPig #RayCharles #RichGossage #BeachBoys #TheBeachBoys #RatPack #Troggs #TheTroggs #HerbKaplow #ABC #ZsaZsaGabor #Radio #Television #TV #MP3 #CD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


4Balls.mp3 ABCCC.mp3 AFVNBlooper-'CapsuleCountdown'.mp3 AFVNBlooper-'How'sYourVDLately'.mp3 AFVNBlooper-BarkedAttackAircraft.mp3 AFVNBlooper-Channer11.mp3 AFVNBlooper-ClapSlap.mp3 AFVNBlooper-CrossAtTheLocomotiveThingy.mp3 AFVNBlooper-DawnBusted.mp3 AFVNBlooper-DejaVueAllOverAgain.mp3 AFVNBlooper-Enoughawhat.mp3 AFVNBlooper-JoeyBishop&ALittleGrass.mp3 AFVNBlooper-JoeyBishopOnPatSajak.mp3 AFVNBlooper-OperationStarSearch.mp3 AFVNBlooper-SimulWatt.mp3 AFVNBlooper-ThereWereThey.mp3 AFVNBlooper-TheSoundOfEverything.mp3 AFVNBlooper-TruthInReporting.mp3 ATaleOfTwoIntros.mp3 AWhaleThatSleepsWithTheFishes.mp3 Balls.mp3 Barry White Cuts an Ad.mp3 BedsheetAtmosphericControl.mp3 Billy Sunday - The Return of the Saloon.mp3 BillySunday-BoozeTax.mp3 BillySunday-PreacherGirlCar&HorseThief.mp3 BillySunday-WhatAmericaNeeds.mp3 Bing Crosby Blows the Timing.mp3 Bing Crosby Forgets Lyrics.mp3 Buddy Rich - Band Confrontation 1.mp3 Buddy Rich - Band Confrontation 2.mp3 Buddy Rich - Band Confrontation 3.mp3 Buddy Rich - Band Confrontation 4.mp3 Casey Kasem - Dead Dog Dedications.mp3 Casey Kasem - The Never Ending Countdowns 1.mp3 Casey Kasem - The Never Ending Countdowns 2.mp3 Casey Stengel - Congressional Testimony.mp3 Col. Sanders - He Does Nothin' Right.mp3 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Outtakes from ''The Caddy''.mp3 DrinkingPee.mp3 Earl Weaver - The Manager's Corner.mp3 Eisenhower&KaiserWith&WithoutNuts.mp3 Elton John - Pink Pussycat Ad WNEW.mp3 Elvis_on_being_strung-out.mp3 FactsGainImpotence.mp3 FrozenFoodPeckers.mp3 Hand-In-Your-HoleSize.mp3 HeadlineEdition530515.mp3 HopeCooksHisCock.mp3 Howard Cosell - Equalize It.mp3 Howard Cosell - The Greatest Professionals.mp3 Howard Cosell - What You People Do.mp3 HowdyDoodyBloopy.mp3 Jack Palance Takes Charge.mp3 Jim Morrison Appreciates His Audience.mp3 Jonathan Winters - Not Offending Anybody.mp3 Kentunkin'Derby.mp3 La Verne Baker & Jackie Wilson Think Nice.mp3 Lee Elia - Cool Calm Assessments.mp3 Lee Elia - His Opinion of His Performance.mp3 Lee Elia - Pitching.mp3 Lee Elia - The Fans.mp3 Lee Elia - When My Team Wins.mp3 Linda McCartney Moans.mp3 LoneJourney.mp3 Marlon Brando - On Burt Reynolds.mp3 MarthaGraham-''MaritalDevotion''.mp3 Mickey Rooney - All You Nice People.mp3 Mr.RodgersWithAstronautCharlieWorden.mp3 NBCNewsDuringASCAPStrike.mp3 Orson Welles - A Simple Act.mp3 Orson Welles - Findus Fish.mp3 Orson_&_Findus_64.mp2 ParisPieceTalks.mp3 PetFeed&Love.mp3 PfizerUdderTone.mp3 PoodleNighties.mp3 Porky Pig - Son Of A....mp3 Ray Charles - How to Handle Unseen Hecklers.mp3 Rich Gossage - Take It Upstairs To The Batman!.mp3 Rockefeller-RasmussenWedding.mp3 SuperAnahist.mp3 The Beach Boys Ditch The Dad.mp3 The Rat Pack Pack Rat It.mp3 The Troggs Lose It.mp3 TheGoddamLawn.mp3 TruthInReporting.mp3 TwinCityWeatherReport.mp3 VietnamBroadcastInterruptedByPowerShortage.mp3 WaitingForKaplow.mp3 WaterBuffaloAttacksAmericanPatrolVietnam.mp3 Zsa Zsa Gabor - Doesn't work like that.mp3

A blooper is a short clip from a film or video production, usually a deleted scene, containing a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew. It also refers to an error made during a live radio or TV broadcast or news report, usually in terms of misspoken words or technical errors. The term blooper was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s in a series of record albums produced by Kermit Schafer entitled Pardon My Blooper, in which the definition of a blooper is thus given by the record series' narrator: "Unintended indiscretions before microphone and camera." Bloopers are often the subject of television programs and may be shown during the closing credits of comedic films or TV episodes. Prominent examples of films with bloopers include Cheaper by the Dozen and Rush Hour. Jackie Chan and Burt Reynolds are both famous for including such reels with the closing credits of their movies. In recent years, many CGI-animated films have also incorporated bloopers, including a mix of faked bloopers, genuine voice-actor mistakes set to animation, and technical errors. Examples can be found in A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Valiant, some Barbie films, and the Indian film Roadside Romeo. Humorous mistakes made by athletes are often referred to as bloopers as well, particularly in baseball.