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Bizarre! Blurs In The Line Between Fact & Fiction DVD, MP4, USB Stick

Bizarre! Blurs In The Line Between Fact & Fiction DVD, MP4, USB Stick
Bizarre! Blurs In The Line Between Fact & Fiction DVD, MP4, USB Stick
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2 1/2 Hours Of Fine Tuning The Blurs In The Line Between Fact And Fiction In A Very Bizarre 2 Disc All Regions DVD Set! #Bizarre #Strange #Incredible #DVD


PERVERSION FOR PROFIT (Color, 1964-1965, 31 Minutes) Hosted by "outstanding news reporter" George Putnam, is ostensibly a production of "Citizens for Decent Literature", but it was actually produced by Charles H. Keating, Jr., the man implicated in the Savings & Loan scandal of the 1980s and patron of the CDL. Its message is presented as simple and clear - the purveying of pornography is evil, the commies are behind it & communities must organize into activist groups to combat it. In reality, however, its message is complicated and murky; and the vague similarity between Putnam & Criswell does nothing to lend it credibility. Classic presentation cards illustrating the CDL's case vie with vintage ads, pictures & covers in a battle to arrest the viewer's attention in a manner not intended by the film's producers. Magazines are, of course, the target of choice, and they're dissected into categories: Girlie, Nudist, Physique, Fetish & Adventure. Books are not immune, however, as Pocket Book Novels are taken to task as well. By film's end, a simulated judge's ruling against pornography is sanctimoniously pronounced - if only the disturbing image of Uncle Sam kneeling afterwards could have been ruled against as well.

EXPERIMENTS IN THE REVIVAL OF ORGANISMS (Black And White, 1940, 20 Minutes) One might say "you can't make stuff like this up", but apparently, you can - or rather, Mary Shelley can - or could - or did. So did the Soviets, or didn't - or did - you'll have to make up your mind after seeing this film! What is certain is that this documentary was produced to prove that the Soviets had mastered the art of reanimation of the dead as the result of years of repeated euthanizations & resuscitations of several generation's worth of canine test subjects. Shown in the United States through the courtesies of "The National Council of American-Soviet Friendship" and "The American-Soviet Medical Society in New York", its purposes in being released in America may well be as much of a mystery as that of the authenticity of the claims of the film. After presenting what is claimed to be the heart and lungs of a dog kept alive and pumping outside the animal's body, the film purports to show a detached dog's head kept alive by artificial means and able to react to external stimuli. Morever, it documents the reanimation of the dead using the procedure that Dr. S. S. Bryukhonenko's Institute of Experimental Physiology and Therapy in Voronezh was supposed to have specialized in.

FEBRUARY 29: THE ODDEST DAY (Color, 1992, 24 Minutes) Stacey Keach guides us through a journey of all the great, good, improbable and awesome occurrences that have happened on the one date that makes its appearance in the calendar only once every four years.

UGLY DOG CONTEST (1988, 4 Min.) From dead dogs to ugly dogs in the space of a DVD track, and a lovely ugly trip it is/was/whatever.

AMERICA'S DEFENSE MONITOR: THE CAPITOL STEPS (1987, 19 Min. / 1990, 29 Min.) A two episode hilarious collection of Capitol Hill's number one joke band's performances of such songs as "We Arm The World", "Thank God I'm A Contra Boy", "We'll Do What Ollie Would" and more, interspersed with interviews of cast members. A segment from one of the cold war's weekly military affairs TV shows, produced by The Center For Defense Information.

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