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Betty Boop: Boop-Oop-A-Doop With Steve Allen DVD, Download, USB Drive

Betty Boop: Boop-Oop-A-Doop With Steve Allen DVD, Download, USB Drive
Betty Boop: Boop-Oop-A-Doop With Steve Allen DVD, Download, USB Drive
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Betty Boop Stars In And Steve Allen Narrates This Journey Through The Best, The Most Historic And The Most Risque Of The Most Iconic Sex Symbol Of The Cartoon World, Through The Courtesy Of The Animation Department Of New York City's Broadway-Based Max Fleischer Studios, And Starring In Cartoon And Soundtrack Form Musical Greats Helen Kane As The Inspiration For Betty, Mae Questel As The Voice Of Betty, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong And Rudy Vallee! 73 Magically Illustrative Minutes Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


Before the Hays Act took much of the fun out of motion pictures, the Max Fleischer Studios had themselves the time of their lives bringing to the cinema their animated silver screen seductress Betty Boop. Based on singer Helen Kane's appearance and vocal stylizations, she started off as a bit character in the studio's late 1920s cartoons but grew so quickly in popularity that she became both lead and namesake to a treasure trove of unique audio/visual cartoon hallmarks. They were so filled with sexuality that, as Steve Allen points out, some frames showed a great deal more than Betty's ''physique'', as you'll see when you watch this documentary! They were also the first cartoons to feature not only the music of the day, but also the original recordings and original recording artists performing their work for the cartoon's soundtrack, who also appeared in cartoon form in whimsical and sometimes quite surrealistic sequences. And it was in a Betty Boop cartoon that the cartoon character Popeye was first introduced to the screen, and Louis Armstrong's first movie appearance was in one of her cartoons, too, though in cartoon form, but nontheless also in authentic audio form, singing ''You Rascal You'', too! A documentary that can be experienced on multiple levels at once or one at a time, as it goes back in forth between excellent narrations and full-length cartoon presentations (1985, 1 Hour 13 Minutes, Color and Black & White).

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