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Bank Of Crooks & Criminals The BCCI Scandal DVD MP4 Download USB Drive

Bank Of Crooks & Criminals The BCCI Scandal DVD MP4 Download USB Drive
Bank Of Crooks & Criminals The BCCI Scandal DVD MP4 Download USB Drive
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The Global Banking Scandal Surrounding The Collapse Of The Bank Of Credit And Commerce International (BCCI) Founded By Pakistani Financier Agha Hasan Abedi, The World's Biggest Banker To Criminal Organizations, Who Had As Their Clients 3,000 Of The Best-Known Criminal Organizations In The World, And A Secret Client List That Was A Who's Who Of Global Villians: Saddam Hussein, Ferdinand Marcos, Pablo Escobar, Manuel Noriega And Hezbollah Among Them. But The U.S. Government Also Banked At BCCI, And The Bank Courted Washington Insiders To Protect Its Interests. BCCI Hired Everybody It Could Find That Was Reputed To Have Any Kind Of Influence In Washington, Including Venerable Washington Insiders Clark Clifford And Stuart Symington. This Investigative Documentary Report Special Revealed How U.S. Government Agencies Knew Knew About BCCI's Illegal Activities Years Before What Become Known As The BCCI Scandal Broke. In The Words Of The Then Representative Charles Schumer, "The Question Presents Itself - It Just Stares Out At You - If Every Rogue In The World Knew About BCCI, Why Didn't All The U.S. Regulators?" Includes Exclusive Interviews With Wall Street Journal Reporter Peter Truell, Senator Hank Brown, New York Magazine's Christopher Byron, Senate Investigator Jack A. Blum, Senator John Kerry, U.S. Customs Attorney William von Raab, United States Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller, District Attorney For New York County Robert Morgenthau, Assistant District Attorney And Chief BCCI Investigator For New York County John Moscow, Chief Financial Officer Of BCCI Masihur Rahman, Senate Investigation Counsel Jonathan Winer, Office Of Management And Budget Director Bert Lance And More, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, Tuesday April 21, 1992, 58 Minutes.) #BankOfCrooksAndCriminals #BCCI #BCCI #BankOfCreditAndCommerceInternational #AghaHasanAbedi #ClarkClifford #StuartSymington #FirstAmericanBankshares #SaddamHussein #FerdinandMarcos #PabloEscobar #ManuelNoriega #Hezbollah #CharlesSchumer #ChuckSchumer #PeterTruell #HankBrown #ChristopherByron #JackABlum #JackBlum #JohnKerry #WilliamVonRaab #OperationCChase #RobertMueller #RobertMorgenthau #JohnMoscow #MasihurRahman #JonathanWiner #BertLance #BankingScandals #AccountingScandals #MoneyLaundering #FinancialCrime #FinancialRegulation #FinancialDeregulation #BankSecrecy #BankingSecrecy #BusinessEthics #CorporateScandals #CorporateCrime #BankFailures #Banking #BankingIndustry #Deregulation #Crime #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

The Bank Of Credit And Commerce International (BCCI) was an international bank founded in 1972 by Agha Hasan Abedi, a Pakistani financier. The Bank was registered in Luxembourg with head offices in Karachi and London. A decade after opening, BCCI had over 400 branches in 78 countries and assets in excess of 20B USD, making it the seventh largest private bank in the world. BCCI came under the scrutiny of financial regulators and intelligence agencies in the 1980s, due to concerns that it was poorly regulated. Subsequent investigations revealed that it was involved in massive money laundering and other financial crimes, and had illegally gained the controlling interest in the major American bank First American Bankshares. BCCI became the focus of a massive regulatory battle in 1991, and, on July 5 of that year, customs and bank regulators in seven countries raided and locked down records of its branch offices. Investigators in the United States and the UK determined that BCCI had been "set up deliberately to avoid centralized regulatory review, and operated extensively in bank secrecy jurisdictions. Its affairs were extraordinarily complex. Its officers were sophisticated international bankers whose apparent objective was to keep their affairs secret, to commit fraud on a massive scale, and to avoid detection". The liquidators, Deloitte & Touche, filed a lawsuit against the bank's auditors, Price Waterhouse and Ernst & Young, which was settled for 175M USD in 1998. By 2013, Deloitte & Touche claimed to have recovered about 75% of the creditors' lost money.