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Automobile Accident & Drivers Education Films DVD, Download, USB Drive

Automobile Accident & Drivers Education Films DVD, Download, USB Drive
Automobile Accident & Drivers Education Films DVD, Download, USB Drive
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34 Vintage Scare Flicks And High School A/V Room Classics! 8 Hours Packed Into 3 Dual Layer All Region DVDs!


A SNORT (SIC) HISTORY (1970s, COLOR, 6:32)
A partly animated film produced in part by the University of Colorado's Department of Mass Communications which seeks to illustrate in dialogless fashion the history, from caveman to driver, of drinking and transportation.

A striking film depicting how an otherwise good family man ends killing himself, injuring his son and bringing upheaval to his family as the results of an automobile accident caused by a lack of simple defensive driving skills. Quite thought provoking!

AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR (1940s, B&W, 25:22)
Jimmy Stewart narrates this cautionary tale of how utilizing proper driving techniques as taught in vintage driver's ed lessons can keep formerly risky drivers alive - and bring about the demise of those who fail to learn their lessons.

An strange Encyclopedia Britannica film where Larry gets himself killed in a car accident on the way to a party that was supposed to be a surprise in his honor. His buddy Phil gets the whole town fired up on safety who tell their own morbid stories of how their friends met their end at the wheel of an automobile. Larry comes back from the grave of course and puts his own two cents in from the pennies on his eyes. Well intentioned message, but well over the top.

A greatly weird film using comedic bank robber charicatures to illustrate how to properly drive through intersections and crossroads/ Utilizing vintage crash test films to drive the film's lessons home.

DRIVEN TO KILL (1940s, B&W, 9:04)
The renowned voice of commentator Lowell Thomas narrates this story.of how what we call nowadays aggressive driving can bring about the deaths of those upon whom this aggression is focused.

FORMATIONS (1936, 8:42)
Chevrolet sponsored this film in an effort to communicate the benefits of keeping an aerial map of the area around your car as a means of defensive driving.

The venerable newsman Mike Wallace narrates this very worthwhile General Tire & Rubber film on how to engage in what we call nowadays defensive driving.

IT'S WANTON MURDER (1940s, B&W 9:49)
Lowell Thomas is back again in this American Transit Association film with this cautionary tale of a GI Joe who comes home from over there in one piece only to end up the mortal victim of a bad automobile driver over here.

Based on a true story, four long haired kids go for a joy ride in a stolen car for what they appear to have thought was innocent fun (!) - but when the cops are on their tail, the boy who got them into this mess in the first place gets them into a mortal car crash as he tries to make a getaway.

LAST DATE (1949, 19:00)
Dick York of the TV show "Bewitched" fame could have used a little magic to get him out of this mortal situation - "Teenicide - the fine art of killing yourself...with a car!" Samantha's immortal powers might have come in handy if Dick took her instead of Joan for a ride and hurtled his hot rod relentlessly into a game of chicken with death - it would have prevented her from being permanently disfigured like Joan!

LAST PROM (1980, COLOR, 23:12)
Drinking, driving, teenagers and prom night - it's all bad, as this competantly produced celebrated film goes some hokey distance to propagandize us into believing - and it has nothing to do with the tunnel of love either - you'll see!

LIVE AND LET LIVE (1947, 10:15)
This classic driver ed film uses beautiful miniature model cars in a lovely miniature model town to illustrate the dangers of a variety of real life driving situations and the ways in which such dangerous can be dealt with. Sponsored & produced by Aetna Casualty & Surety Company.

A truly over-the-top Air Force Training Film of some length haranguing 18-25 year old airmen into shame for all the deaths their demographic was responsible for as a prologue to the main story of how a young Air Force man of this demographic was responsible for a terrible auto accident for which he was put on trial in a civilian court.

NONE FOR THE ROAD (1957, 14:03)
The Yale Center of Alcohol Studies pitched in on this effort to illustrate, somewhere between drunk rat experiments and drunk teenage dances, what college men can expect if they drink & drive - they can kill & maybe even be killed as a result.

ROAD RUNNERS (1952, 11:46)
If only James Dean & his "Rebel Without a Cause" hoodlum friends had seen this, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't have been playing chicken driving off cliffs & all. This community concious film seeks to educate communities on the ways in which hotrodders can go from outlaws to lawlubbers through sponsoring racing clubs and associate associations. Then again, this film had no effect on the Modesto kids in the "American Grafitti" drag racing sequence, either. As for Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote...don't even go there.

SAFE ROADS (1935, 7:37)
Chevrolet made this unusual film, best known for its classic moving images of steam trains, which seeks to compare driving an automobile and engineering a train.

Lots of gorey accidents and classic crash test films appear throughout this University of California produced demonstration of how safety belts are essential for reduction of automobile fatalities. A must-see!

SEEING GREEN (1937, 9:04)
Chevrolet does it again with this exposé of that important but overlooked modern innovation, the common traffic light.

The Caterpillar Tractor Company sponsored this educational film to GRAPHICALLY illustrate what could & would go wrong if earthmoving equipment wasn't handled properly & safely. Great country music accompaniment in the tradition of modern pickup truck tv commercials.

SIGNAL 30 (1959, 27:07)
THE MOTHER OF ALL CAR ACCIDENT FILMS. THIS is the one you've heard about - the legendary old school scare-the-living-daylights-out-of-them driver safety movie, complete with all the gruesome gore the legend does very little if anything to exaggerate. Sponsored by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, produced by Highway Safety Films, and inflicted by schools & community organizations alike nationwide for decades afterwards upon generations of young Americans.

It's a sin to drive poorly, and the General Board of Temperance of The Methodist Church wanted us to know that so badly that they sponsored this crazy cartoon to get the good news out. That the news comes from Mars in the person of a spy named Rusty is simply incidental.

SURE, MAC, SURE... (1970S, COLOR, 0:59)
A Public Service Announcement short demonstrating that eating food doesn't make a drunk person sober up and fit to drive.

The Culver City Police send us off on an analysis of how alcohol affects the driving skills of even the best of people with the worst of results.

THE OTHER FELLOW (1937, 8:14)
Chevrolet at it again, this time utilizing the comic relief of comedian Edgar Kennedy to teach reckless drivers to see themselves through the eyes of other drivers on the road.

THE PARTY'S OVER (1970s, 9:38)
Bell Telephone's warning to partiers who don't wear their safety belts. Includes segments of a safety belt TV PSA with Penny Marshall!

THE SAFEST PLACE (1935, 6:23)
It's your car, you'll be happy to know, and it's no suprise Chevrolet wants you to believe that!

TOMORROW'S DRIVERS (1954, B&W, 10:58)
Phoenix, Arizona took the lead early on in driver education, and this film, narrated by Jimmy Stewart, touts their successes in teaching children as early as kindergarten in the necessities of traffic safety.

WE DRIVERS (1935, 10:30)
Excellent mix of cartoon & film, color & b&w, good and evil, and more by General Motors, wherein the archetypical good & bad angels battle it out to control the soul & senses of a driver out on the road.

WHAT'S THE BIG HURRY (1970s, COLOR, 10:15)
An automobile graveyard with spooky sound effects sets the tone of very surrealistic film depicting what the ultimate results of bad driving are.

A mix of live action footage and table-top miniature model recreations, focusing on the need for drivers to look out for the rights and needs of pedestrians, complete with gruesome accident shots & scary narration to go with it. Exactly the kind of film you'd expect from a narrator who is supposed to be dead!

WHY NOT LIVE? (1930s, B&W, 10:10)
An American Red Cross film showing the importance of preventing all kinds of accidents in general and automobile accidents in particular utilizing drmatizations of such accidents while demonstrating the remedial action that can be taken when they occur.

WRECKLESS (1935, B&W, 17:19)
A Jam Handy production that promotes a double message: it's okay to have and enjoy a speedy car, so long as you drive responsibly (and have a good lawyer, too!).

YOUR PERMIT TO DRIVE (1951, 10:17)
The next time your driver's license starts to talk to you, don't worry - it's a phenomenon that's been going on since GMC got one of these incorrigible licenses to narrate this film. By the way, the permit referred to is in fact a driver's license, not a driver's permit, which may be why it feels so compelled to talk. It speaks to the soul of Americans to ensure that they realize that driving is one this country's great freedoms, but that disobediance of the rules of the road is so very bad, it's...un-American!

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