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At The Crossroads Jews In Eastern Europe Post 1989 Revolutions MP4 DVD

At The Crossroads Jews In Eastern Europe Post 1989 Revolutions MP4 DVD
At The Crossroads Jews In Eastern Europe Post 1989 Revolutions MP4 DVD
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The State Of Jewry In Eastern Europe In The Immediate Aftermath Of The Revolutions Of 1989 And The Dissolution Of The Eastern Bloc, Hosted By Eminent Broadcast Journalist Robert Siegel, And Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD! (Color, 1990, 52 Minutes.) #RobertSiegel #EasternEuropeanJewry #EasternEuropeanJews #HistoryOfTheJewsInEasternEurope #PolishJews #JewsInPoland #CzechoslovakianJews #JewsInCzechoslovakia #HungarianJews #JewsInHungary #RomanianJews #JewsInRomania #DissolutionOfTheEasternBlock #RevolutionsOf1989 #HistoryOfTheJewsInEurope #EuropeanJews #EuropeanJewry #Jewry #MP4 #VideoDownload #DVD

In this installment of Global View's landmark television showcase Eastern Europe: Breaking With The Past, host Robert Siegel explains: "On the eve of World War Two, Jews made up 10 percent of Poland's population. Today, of those 3.3 million, about five thousand remain. For us, that might be difficult to understand, but it's as if you walked through your neighborhood and you never saw a kid under seven because they've all vanished. - ten percent of the population gone almost overnight. But while their numbers have dwindled, Jews remain a profound historical presence; in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania, they are one important key to understanding the East European psyche. Yet, when we at Global View searched for programs that dealt with the issue of East European Jewry today, we came up short-handed! We did learn that books about The Holocaust were illegal to own in Romania before the revolution, and that Eastern Europeans in generally didn't want to talk about it, the Jewish experience. But we were fortunate to discover the work of Yale Strom and Oren Rudavsky, two American filmmakers who journeyed through Eastern Europe with camera and fiddle, and created the film At The Crossroads, a lyrical portrait of the Jews who remain in Eastern Europe today."

The History Of The Jews In Europe spans a period of over two thousand years. Some Jews, a Judaean tribe from the Levant, migrated to Europe just before the rise of the Roman Empire. A notable early event in the history of the Jews in the Roman Empire was Pompey's conquest of Judea beginning in 63 BCE, although Alexandrian Jews had migrated to Rome before this event. The pre-World War II Jewish population of Europe is estimated to have been close to 9 million, or 57% of Jews worldwide. Around 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, which was followed by the emigration of much of the surviving population. The Jewish population of Europe in 2010 was estimated to be approximately 1.4 million (0.2% of European population) or 10% of the world's Jewish population. In the 21st century, France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.