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Animal Farm 1954 Cartoon Feature Films DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

Animal Farm 1954 Cartoon Feature Films DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
Animal Farm 1954 Cartoon Feature Films DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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Great Britain's First Animated Feature Film Based On The Landmark George Orwell Novel And Secretly Funded By The CIA (Color, Animated, 1 Hour 12 MInutes), PLUS BONUS: GREAT WRITERS: ORWELL On His Early School Days (1987, Color, 14 Minutes), Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #AnimalFarm #GeorgeOrwell #Cartoons #Animation #Novels #Dystopia #DystopianNovels #Literature #EnglishLiterature #Movies #Film #DVD #VideoDownload #USBFlashDrive


Produced in the midst of the cold war in order to capitalize on Orwell's timely commentary on the totalitarian state that had developed in the Soviet Union, this 1954 classic meets the standard the producers had hoped to reach while carefully sidestepping the original work's criticism of the unbridled capitalism that was responsible for bringing about the farm animal revolution in the first place.

Direction & Production:
Joy Batchelor, John Halas

George Orwell (Novel), Joy Batchelor, Joseph Bryan III, John Halas, Borden Mace, Philip Stapp, Lothar Wolff

Gordon Heath - Narrator
Maurice Denham - Animals

Matyas Seiber

S.G. Griffiths, J. Gurr, W. Traylor, R. Turk

Art & Animation:
Ralph Ayres, Bernard Carey, Arthur Humberstone, Geoffrey Martin, Frank Moysey, Edric Radage, John F. Reed (Animation Director), Digby Turpin, Harold Whitaker, Matvyn Wright

Many intellectuals have had the experience of being cast out, mistreated, misunderstood and bullied for possessing exactly the personal attributes that made them great and good people. Orwell had this happen to him in his youth, and in his later years he brought his penetrating insight and his gift for writing to bear upon his experience as a student of Crossgates primary school during the years immediately prior to World War I, when the dominant social order for which that school was supposed to produce suitable personnel was soon to be destroyed. The experience he relates is rendered as both a specific and universal one, so that anyone anywhere in any epoch in a similar circumstance can see their own experience entire in his, and draw strength, security, understanding and wisdom from it. Don't be suprised if you feel compelled to watch it again immediately after seeing it once, and then again many times after that over the years.