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Abbott And Costello Old Time Radio MP3 Collection DVD, Download, USB

Abbott And Costello Old Time Radio MP3 Collection DVD, Download, USB
Abbott And Costello Old Time Radio MP3 Collection DVD, Download, USB
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Abbott And Costello, Straight From The Creative Commons To Your MP3 Player! 137 Golden Age Of Radio Old Time Radio Shows Filled With 58 Classic Comedy Hours Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 DVD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #AbbottAndCostello #BudAbbott #LouCostello #GoldenAgeOfRadioComedy #OldTimeRadioComedy #OTRComedy #RadioComedy #GoldenAgeOfRadio #OldTimeRadio #OTR #Radio #WorldWarII #WorldWar2 #WWII #WW2 #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #SecondWorldWar #Burlesque #Vaudeville #MP3 #DVD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


Abbott & Costello in Alaska

Costello's Farm

Hertz U-Drive #1

Hertz U-Drive #2

The Famous Board Routine

The Story Of Moby Dick

Who's on First

40-03-20 Lion Hunting

41-09-21 with W.C. Fields & Bergen & McCarthy

42-05-11 Lou Substitutes For Joe Dimaggio

42-10-15 Bank Robbery w Marlene Deitrich

42-11-19 Knights in Shining Armor with Merle Oberon

43-01-14 Hunting Guide with Claire Trevor

43-03-16 At the Circus with Alan Hale

43-11-18 Nylon Stockings with Lucille Ball

43-11-25 Formal ThanksGiving Dinner Party

43-12-02 Trip to Palm Springs with Veronica Lake

43-12-09 English Butler with Arthur Treacher

43-12-16 The Wild West with Lynn Bari

43-12-20 Christmas Show

43-12-30 The Lawyer with Bert Gordon

44-00-26 Matrimonial Agency

44-01-06 Lou's Engaged to Judy Canova

44-01-13 Visit to a Sanitarium with Peter Lorre

44-01-20 With The Great Gildersleeve

44-02-10 Charles Laughton

44-02-17 Making a Movie with Dorothy Lamour

44-03-02 With Hedda Hopper

44-03-09 Blondie & Dagwood

44-03-16 At The Circus with Alan Hale

44-03-30 Radio Station with Alan Ladd

44-06-06 Who's On 1st

44-06-06 Who's On First

44-06-18 Costello Buys Gifts For Cast

44-09-11 Costello Buy's a Horse

44-09-24 Dorothy Lamour

44-10-05 Back Home Again

44-10-26 Matrimonial Agency

44-11-02 Lou's Dog Hector

44-11-09 Broadcast

44-11-09 The Racehorse

44-11-16 Grade School

44-12-07 Visit To Tin Pan Alley

44-12-14 Christmas Shopping

44-12-21 Christmas Show

45-01-11 Lou Buys A Ranch

45-01-18 Impressing A Girlfriend

45-01-25 Merchant Marines

45-02-01 Stolen Oranges

45-02-15 Guest Rudy Vallee

45-03-01 Frank Sinatra

45-03-08 New Press Agent

45-03-22 Davis Air Force Base

45-04-05 At the Ranch

45-04-19 Teaching Lou Etiquette

45-04-26 Andrews Sisters

45-05-03 Spanish Acting School

45-06-07 Costello Gets A Tatoo

45-06-28 Return To Patterson

45-10-04 Job for Girlfriend

45-11-15 Lou Hides From His Girlfriend

45-11-29 Opening A Gas Station

45-12-06 Lou The Fireman

45-12-13 Christmas Show

45-12-20 Christmas Party

45-12-27 Costello's Beauty Shop

46-02-07 Lou Needs An Apartment

46-02-14 Working At The Apartment Hotel

46-03-07 The Boys Run A Drug Store

46-03-14 Lou Has to Pay Income Tax

46-04-18 Pet Shop

46-04-25 The Sheriff Of North Hollywood

46-05-02 Napolean and Josephine

46-05-09 Lou Wants to Join the Circus

46-05-16 Costello Runs for Mayor

46-05-30 Elsa Maxwell

46-06-26 Abbott's Big Date

46-06-28 Part 2

46-10-03 Incorrigible


46-12-12 Lion Hunting

47-02-13 Costello Buys a Boat

47-02-27 Driving Lessons

47-03-13 Lou Goes To Racetrack To Lose Money

47-03-27 Stock Market

47-04-10 Nuts And Bolts

47-04-17 The Baseball Player

47-04-24 Lou Builds A House

47-06-18 Who's On First

47-12-24 Christmas Program

47-xx-xx Lou Builds a House

48-03-03 Going To Alaska

48-03-10 Income Taxes

48-04-21 Matrimonial Bureau

48-04-28 Babysitting Job

48-05-05 The New Sheriff with Bella Lugosi

48-10-28 Sam Shovel, Detective

48-11-18 Sam Shovel Russian Diplomat

48-12-02 Sam Shovel Curbstone Murder

48-12-09 Sam Shovel Two Gun Gertie

48-12-30 Sam Shovel Radio Quiz Show

49-01-27 Unknown Title

49-03-03 Unknown Title

49-04-28 Unknown Title

49-05-19 Unknown Title

Costello's Beauty Shop

XX-XX-XX At the Races

xx-xx-xx At the Ranch

XX-XX-XX Christmas Program

xx-xx-xx Costello's Horse Peanut Bu

xx-xx-xx Costello Has A Cold

XX-XX-XX Costello The Stunt Man

XX-XX-XX Elsa Maxwell

XX-XX-XX Father's Day

XX-XX-XX Girls, Girls, Girls

XX-XX-XX Gold Ore

XX-XX-XX Guest Bert Gordon

XX-XX-XX Guest Judy Canova

XX-XX-XX Kids Program with Red Rider

XX-XX-XX Laugh

XX-XX-XX Lou Is A Delegate To The UN

XX-XX-XX Mel Blanc

XX-XX-XX Mudder And Fodder

XX-XX-XX Niagria Falls skit

XX-XX-XX No Details - 2

XX-XX-XX Room & Board

XX-XX-XX Shootin' Dice

XX-XX-XX Spanish Acting School

XX-XX-XX Susquehanna Hat Company

XX-XX-XX The Shell Game skit

xx-xx-xx The Stunt Man

xx-xx-xx Trip to Palm Springs with

XX-XX-XX Up and Down

XX-XX-XX Variety Show

XX-XX-XX Who's On First

XX-XX-XX With Linda Darnell

The Andrews Sisters 451128 [009] Abbott & Costello

Abbott And Costello were an American comedy duo composed of comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, whose work in radio, film, and television made them the most popular comedy team of the 1940s and early 1950s, and the highest-paid entertainers in the world during World War II. Their patter routine "Who's On First?" is considered one of the best-known comedy routines of all time. Their popularity waned in the early 1950s due according to some to overexposure and changing tastes in comedy, and their film and television contracts lapsed. The partnership ended soon afterwards.