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Ninteen Eighty-Four George Orwell Edmond O'Brien And Michael Redgrave In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

Ninteen Eighty-Four George Orwell Edmond O'Brien And Michael Redgrave In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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George Orwell's Chilling Vision Of The Near Future Fills The Silver Screen With Edmond O'Brien, Michael Redgrave And Donald Pleasence, Plus GREAT WRITERS: ORWELL On His Early School Days! 2 Rarified Hours In All Regions DVD Format!

*12/1/13: Updated With ''Great Writers: Orwell'', a revealing and empowering reading of Orwell's writings about the misery of his early school days set to a symbolic dramatization of his story!


1984 (1956, Black and White, 1 Hour 30 Minutes)

In a dreary futuristic world, Winston Smith works in the Ministry of Truth rewriting history to please "Big Brother", the all-seeing and never seen farce of a benevolent dictator who oppresses him and all the people of the nation state of Oceania. In this world, having intimate affections for anyone other than "Big Brother" is a threat to the state, and as the highest expression of those affections in man is sexual love, it as well as all other affections are banned. To Winston and the girl Julia who falls in love with him, that impulse is too powerful to override - but these very impluses are themselves controlled and exploited by "Big Brother", so much so that in the end it serves to torture both lovers back into the brainwashed fold. Based on the landmark novel by George Orwell, with excellent performances by Edmund O'Brien as Winston, Jan Sterling as Julia, Michael Redgrave as Gen O'Connor ("O'Brien" in the novel) and Donald Pleasence as R. Parsons.


Michael Anderson


George Orwell (Novel)

Ralph Gilbert Bettison

William Templeton


Jan Sterling ... Julia

Michael Redgrave ... Gen. O'Connor

Donald Pleasence ... R. Parsons

David Kossoff ... Charrington the Junk Shop Owner

Carol Wolveridge ... Selina Parsons

Patrick Allen ... Inner Party Official

Mervyn Johns ... Jones

Ewen Solon ... Outer Party Orator

Michael Ripper ... Outer Party Orator

John Vernon ... Big Brother (Voice {Uncredited})

GREAT WRITERS: ORWELL (1987, Color, 14 Minutes)

Many intellectuals have had the experience of being cast out, mistreated, misunderstood and bullied for possessing exactly the personal attributes that made them great and good people. Orwell had this happen to him in his youth, and in his later years he brought his penetrating insight and his gift for writing to bear upon his experience as a student of Crossgates primary school during the years immediately prior to World War I, when the dominant social order for which that school was supposed to produce suitable personnel was soon to be destroyed. The experience he relates is rendered as both a specific and universal one, so that anyone anywhere in any epoch in a similar circumstance can see their own experience entire in his, and draw strength, security, understanding and wisdom from it. Don't be suprised if you feel compelled to watch it again immediately after seeing it once, and then again many times after that over the years.

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