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Nabokov On Kafka: Lecture On The Metamorphosis DVD, MP4, USB Drive

Nabokov On Kafka: Lecture On The Metamorphosis DVD, MP4, USB Drive
Nabokov On Kafka: Lecture On The Metamorphosis DVD, MP4, USB Drive
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Christopher Plummer Plays Celebrated Author Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita; Pale Fire; Speak, Memory, Etc.) As He Was In Real Life A Professor Of Literature At Cornell University Giving A Rousing, Witty And Immensely Insightful Lecture On The Symbolism And Meaning Of His Favorite Author's Great Work, Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", Directed By Peter Medak And Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1989, 28 Minutes.) #NabokovOnKafka #ChristopherPlummer #PeterMedak #FranzKafka #K #Kafkaesque #VladimirNabokov #Novelists #Modernism #20thCenturyLiterature #Literature #Surrealism #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

Franz Kafka, Czech-Austrian lawyer and author (July 3, 1883 - June 3, 1924) was born near the Old Town Square in Prague, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was a German language novelist and short story writer, widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th century literature. His work, which fuses elements of realism and the fantastic, typically features isolated protagonists faced by bizarre or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehensible social-bureaucratic powers, and has been interpreted as exploring themes of alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and absurdity. His best known works include "Die Verwandlung" ("The Metamorphosis"), Der Process (The Trial), and Das Schloss (The Castle). The term Kafkaesque has entered the English language to describe situations like those in his writing. Franz Kafka died on June 3, 1924 at the age of 40 of starvation in Kierling, part of Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria, Austria: the condition of Kafka's laryngeal tuberculosis made eating too painful for his throat.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, also known by the pen name Vladimir Sirin (April 22 [O.S. April 10] 1899 - July 2, 1977) was a Russian-American novelist, poet, translator and entomologist. His first nine novels were in Russian, but he achieved international prominence after he began writing English prose. Nabokov's Lolita (1955), his most noted novel in English, was ranked fourth in the list of the Modern Library 100 Best Novels; Pale Fire (1962) was ranked 53rd on the same list, and his memoir, Speak, Memory (1951), was listed eighth on the publisher's list of the 20th century's greatest nonfiction. He was a finalist for the National Book Award for Fiction seven times. Nabokov was an expert lepidopterist (authority on moths and butterflies) and a composer of chess problems.