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World War I Historic Music And Voices Record Album MP3 CD

World War I Historic Music And Voices Record Album MP3 CD
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Released For The First Time On CD! The Distinguished Journalist Charles Collingwood Narrates This Exciting And Informative 1964 Companion To Book ''The American Heritage History Of World War I'' by Brig. General S. L. A. Marshall, With Rare Audio Of The Kaiser, Admiral Von Tirpitz, Lenin And Much More, Accompanied With Music By Charles Paul Conducting The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, And Concluding With A Medley Of World War I Songs And Released As This 33 1/3 Vinyl Record Album Release In MP3 CD Format!


Side One: June 28, 1914-Sarajevo, To December 15, 1917-Lenin Seeks Armistice.

Side Two: 1918-The Final Phase Remembrance Festival, London Medley Of World War I Songs

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