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Vincent van Gogh; An Explosion Of Colors DVD

Vincent van Gogh; An Explosion Of Colors DVD
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An Hour Long Journey Into The Last 2 Years Of Van Gogh’s Life: His Art, His Philosophy And His Profound Suffering In All Regions DVD Format!

As with our other van Gogh DVD title, In a Brilliant Light: van Gogh in Arles , this documentary profiles artist Vincent van Gogh during his most productive and artistically creative period of his life, his two years alive before his tragic psychological illness resulted in his untimely demise. Unique to this particular documentary is a concentration on the people and places that inspired his paintings, his personal philosophy and, most importantly, his creative evolution as an artist, all of which are infused into the paintings of this period, paintings with such bright color that stand in such contrast to the darkening last days of this suffering genius (Color, 1 Hour, All Regions DVD Format).

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