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TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 6 DVD

TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 6 DVD
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80 Minutes Of The Rarest Old Time TV Commercials Featuring 57 Ads By Howdy Doody, Paul Winchell, Pinky Lee, Captain Video, Space Patrol And More In All Regions DVD Format!

*2/21/15: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With Newly Redigitized And Remastered In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To A High Quality Dual Layer DVD Format!


Read A Book Early 1960s PSA/Don't Fence Me In 1968 PSA/Captain Video - Betsy Ross PSA/Captain Video - Fighting Discrimination PSA/Captain Video - Crusade For Freedom PSA/Captain Video - The Mud Of Prejudice PSA/Captain Video - Maisie & Jake & Post's Raisin Bran/Captain Video - Painting Pictures & Post's Raisin Bran/Captain Video - Good Schools PSA/Space Patrol - Nestle's Quick Episode Opening/Space Patrol - Wheat & Rice Chex Man From Mars Totem Head #1/Space Patrol - Wheat & Rice Chex Man From Mars Totem Head #2/Space Patrol - Wheat & Rice Chex Man From Mars Totem Head #3/Space Patrol - Nestle's Quick Episode Closing/The Lawrence Welk Show ABC/Jim Bowie ABC/The Adventures Of Rin-Tin-Tin ABC/Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney - Hartz Mountain Dog Yummmies & Parakeet Seed/A Date With The Angels ABC/The Mike Wallace Interview ABC/Cheer Laundry Detergent (from Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney's "Circus Time")/Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney - Cheer Laundry Detergent/Camay Soap (from Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney's "Circus Time")/The Edie Adams Show & The Sid Caesar Show ABC/El Producto Cigars - Season's Greetings #1/El Producto Cigars - Season's Greetings #2/The Patty Duke Show ABC/Seat Belt PSA/Kukla Fran & Ollie - Drene Shampoo #1/Kukla Fran & Ollie - Drene Shampoo #2 & Tide Laundry Detergent/Kukla Fran & Ollie - Life Magazine/Pinky Lee - Weather-Bird Shoes #1/The Imogene Coca Show NBC/Pinky Lee - Weather-Bird Shoes #2/Home - The Electronic Magazine For Women/Pinky Lee - Tootsie Rolls #1/Pinky Lee - Tootsie Rolls #2/Pinky Lee (Final TV Appearance) - Tootsie Rolls #3/Howdy Doody - Halo Shampoo #1/Howdy Doody - Halo Shampoo #2/Howdy Doody - 3 Musketeers #1/Howdy Doody - 3 Musketeers #2/Howdy Doody - Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes/Howdy Doody - Sweetheart Dolls/Howdy Doody - Royal Pudding #1/Howdy Doody - Royal Pudding #2/Howdy Doody - Nabisco Wheat & Rice Honeys/Howdy Doody - Wonder Bread #1/Howdy Doody - Hostess Sno-Balls/Howdy Doody - United States Defense Bonds/Howdy Doody - Racial Harmony PSA/Howdy Doody - Welch's Frozen Grape Juice/Howdy Doody - Wonder Bread #2/Howdy Doody - Hostess Cupcakes/Howdy Doody - Schwinn Jaguar Prize Bicycle/Howdy Doody - Hostess Twinkies/Howdy Doody - Wonder Bread #3

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