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The Unknown War Complete TV Series Soviet Union WWII 10 DVD Set

The Unknown War Complete TV Series Soviet Union WWII 10 DVD Set
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The Epic 15 Hour Soviet TV Documentary Series On Their Nationís "Great Patriotic War" Against The Third Reich, Both Narrated And Hosted In English By The Eminent American Actor Burt Lancaster! The Complete 20 Episode Television Series Approved For Teaching World War II History By The N.E.A., And Produced In Association With American Poet Rod McKuen And New York Times Journalist Harrison Salisbury, With Interviews Featuring Soviet Military And Political Leaders And Heroes Of The Conflict, All Presented In Highest Resolution 9 Mbps DVD Video Format On 10 All Regions DVDs (1978, Color, 900 Minutes).


Epi. 1: June 22, 1941 | Epi. 2: The Battle For Moscow | Epi. 3: The Siege Of Leningrad | Epi. 4: To The East | Epi. 5: The Defense Of Stalingrad | Epi. 6: Victory At Stalingrad | Epi. 7: The Battle Of Kursk | Epi. 8: The Arctic War | Epi. 9: The Air War | Epi. 10: The Partisans | Epi. 11: The War On The Seas | Epi. 12: The Battle Of The Caucusus | Epi. 13: The Liberation Of The Ukraine | Epi. 14: The Liberation Of Byelorussia | Epi. 15: From The Balkans To Vienna | Epi. 16: The Liberation Of Poland | Epi. 17: The Allies | Epi. 18: The Battle For Berlin | Epi. 19: The Fight Against Japan | Epi. 20: Soldiers Of The Unknown War

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