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The Twentieth Century With Walter Cronkite DVD Set 10 Discs

The Twentieth Century With Walter Cronkite DVD Set 10 Discs
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The Landmark 1950s Television Series Documenting The Great Events Of The Millennial Century! 40 Half Hour Episodes Packed Into 10 High Quality Dual Layer All Regions DVDs! #TheTwentiethCentury #The20thCentury #WalterCronkite #WorldWarII #WWII #WW2 #SecondWorldWar #VietnamWar #Vietnam #DVD

*6/21/17: Updated To Include The Episode FREEDOM FOR THE PHILIPPINES!

*8/6/15: Updated With All Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Expanded From A 5 Disc To A 10 Disc DVD MegaSet!


The Remagen Bridge | Kamikazes & Typhoon At Okinawa | The Partitioning Of Berlin | The Hiroshima Atomic Bombing | The Doolittle Raid | Rudolf Hess | The Suicide Run To Murmansk | The Liberation Of Paris | The Hump & The Burma Road | The Danish Underground | Rommel | The Invasion Of Sicily | Tarawa & Betio | Battle of Stalingrad | Battle of Monte Cassino | D-Day Part I | D-Day Part II | The Plots Against Hitler Part I | The Plots Against Hitler Part II | Battle of the Bulge | Patton & The 3rd Army | Norway WWII | The Anschluss of Austria | The Spanish Civil War | Japanese Invasions Of 1941-42 | The Russ-Finnish War | Mussolini | The Last Week of Peace Before WWII | Goering | Goebbels | Partisans: The Nazis and the Russians | The Nuremberg Trials | The Frozen War (Battle of the Aleutians) | The Rise & Fall of the Battleship | Gen. Goerge Marshall | Vietnam | Target: North Africa | The Siege of Leningrad | The Warsaw Uprising | Freedom For The Philippines (Fall & Liberation During WWII & Independence)

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