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The Trojan Horse DVD aka La Guerra Di Troia 1961 Steve Reeves

The Trojan Horse DVD aka La Guerra Di Troia 1961 Steve Reeves
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Released For The First Time On DVD! Strongman Steve Reeves' Best Performance Is Captured In Director Giorgio Ferroni's 1961 Dramatization Of Homer's Epic Poem About The Trojan War ''The Iliad'' Combined With Virgil's Epic Poem About The Founding Of Rome ''The Aeneid'' Costarring Juliette Mayniel And John Drew Barrymore! (English Language Soundtrack Version, Color, 1 Hr 45 Min.)


Giorgio Ferroni


Homer (Epic Poem, "The Iliad"), Virgil (Epic Poem, "The Aeneid"), Giorgio Ferroni, Ugo Liberatore, Giorgio Stegani, Federico Zardi (Screenplay)


Steve Reeves ... Aeneas

Juliette Mayniel ... Creusa

John Drew Barrymore ... Ulysses

Edy Vessel ... Helen (as Hedy Vessel)

Lidia Alfonsi ... Cassandra

Warner Bentivegna ... Paris

Luciana Angiolillo ... Andromache

Arturo Dominici ... Achilles

Mimmo Palmara ... Ajax

Nerio Bernardi ... Agamemnon

Nando Tamberlani ... Menelaus

Carlo Tamberlani ... Priam

Giancarlo Bastianoni

Giovanni Cianfriglia (as Giovanni Cianfrilla)

Luigi Ciavarro

Giulio Maculani

Nello Pazzafini (as Giovanni Pazzofin)

Andrej Gardenin ... Fencer (uncredited)

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