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The Trial (1962) DVD Orson Welles Anthony Perkins Franz Kafka

The Trial (1962) DVD Orson Welles Anthony Perkins Franz Kafka
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Anthony Perkins Stars In Orson Welles' 1962 Production He Thought "The Best Film I Ever Made" And Which Time Magazine Called "A Film Of Infernal Brillliance"! Franz Kafka's Masterpiece Novel About A Simple Office Worker Tried For Crimes He's Never Made Aware Of Adapted To The Silver Screen In All Regions DVD Format! (Black and White, 2 Hours.)

The Trial (AKA "Le Procès")

Orson Welles

Franz Kafka (Novel), Orson Welles (Screenplay), Pierre Cholot (Adaptation and Dialogue)

Anthony Perkins ... Josef K.
Jeanne Moreau ... Marika Burstner
Elsa Martinelli ... Hilda
Suzanne Flon ... Miss Pittl
Madeleine Robinson ... Mrs. Grubach
Romy Schneider ... Leni
Max Buchsbaum ... Examining Magistrate
Arnoldo Foà ... Inspector A
Jess Hahn ... Second Assistant Inspector
Max Haufler ... Uncle Max
Thomas Holtzmann ... Bert the Law Student
Fernand Ledoux ... Chief Clerk of the Law Court
Paola Mori ... Court archivist
Wolfgang Reichmann ... Courtroom Guard
Akim Tamiroff ... Bloch
Maurice Teynac ... Deputy Manager
Raoul Delfosse ... Policeman
Michael Lonsdale ... Priest
Naydra Shore ... Irmie
Karl Studer ... Man in Leather
Orson Welles ... L'avocat

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