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The Romantic Spirit TV Series All 14 Episodes 7 Dual Layer DVDs

The Romantic Spirit TV Series All 14 Episodes 7 Dual Layer DVDs
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All 14 Episodes Of The Landmark 1983 TV Documentary Series On The History Of The Romantic Movement In Art, Music & Literature Narrated In Spoken English By Anthony Andrews Packed Into 7 Dual Layer All Regions DVDs!

*10/23/15: Updated With All Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Expanded From A 5 Disc To A 7 Disc DVD MegaSet!


"Battle of the Stage" - Plays of Schiller and Kleist depict the Romantic philosophy of the hero as a renegade.

"Blood, Sea & Sand" - The paintings of Delacroix, Turner and Goya illustrate Romanticism in nature.

"The Golden Age" - Works by Blake and Keats illustrate the Romantic yearning for a return to a free and peaceful 'Golden Age.'

"Music of the Soul" - The music of Beethoven and Schubert expresses the deeper emotions.

"Night" - Dreams influence the Romantic artists.

"Paradise Lost" - Poems by Wordsworth and Goethe and paintings by Talmidge illustrate the theme of wild, pure nature as freedom.

"The Romantic Explosion" - Anthony Andrews profiles writers and painters of the 18th- and 19th-century Romantic Movement.

"The Romantic Heritage" - Romanticism of the 19th century influences the 20th.

"Romantic Hero" - The ideals of poets Byron and Chateaubriand reflect the Romantic concept of poet as hero.

"Romantic Journey" - An examination of Goethe's 'Faust,' including readings, illustrates the Romantic view of life as a voyage of discovery.

"The Romantic Woman" - Mary Shelley, author of 'Frankenstein,' participates in the Romantic movement.

"The Triumph of Death" - The 'art' of death influences Romantic writers.

"The Triumph of Romanticism" - The Romantic movement in Paris pits intellectuals against aristocracy.

"Victor Hugo & the Romantic Century" - Poet, novelist and playwright Victor Hugo personifies the Romantic era.

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