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The Red Menace (1949) Communist Red Scare Propaganda Film In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

The Red Menace (1949) Communist Red Scare Propaganda Film In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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The Rare Infamous 1949 Red Scare Propaganda Film Classic! "The Most Talked About Drama Of Our Time!", "So Shocking It Was Filmed Behind Locked Studio Doors" In All Regions DVD Format!

When a down-on-his-luck ex-G.I. named Bill goes to town to beef about being the victim of a land sale swindle, the commies who overhear him are only too happy to lend him their sympathy, as well as their doctrine. With the lure of sex and comradery, Bill's anger is tempered into blind hatred of all authority, except that of the communist party. Bill's no dumb Joe, and neither is his instructor Nina, the seasoned party operative who's had enough of her evil gang's misdeeds, so when they learn of the murder of an honest fellow comrade for questioning questionable communist doctrine, the two of them agree to skip town and leave the party behind. They find out that's not such an easy or simple proposition! A film classic of communist conspiracy propaganda that belongs in every DVD library (1949, Black and White, 1:21).

R.G. Springsteen

Albert DeMond (Screenplay and Story)

Robert Rockwell ... Bill Jones
Hanne Axman ... Nina Petrovka
Betty Lou Gerson ... Greta Bloch, alias Yvonne Kraus
Lester Luther ... Earl Partridge
William J. Lally ... Jack Tyler
Barbra Fuller ... Mollie O'Flaherty
Shepard Menken ... Henry Solomon
Duke Williams ... Sam Wright
James Harrington ... Martin Vejac
Lloyd G. Davies ... Immigration Chief, Narrator
Royal Raymond ... Benson
Gregg Martell ... Schultz
Norman Budd ... Anthony Reachi
Leo Cleary ... Father O'Leary
Kay Riehl ... Mrs. O'Flaherty

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