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The Planet That Got Knocked On Its Side DVD Voyager II Uranus

The Planet That Got Knocked On Its Side DVD Voyager II Uranus
Item# the-planet-that-got-knocked-on-its-side-dvd-voyager-ii-uranus
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The 1986 Voyager II Mission Visit To Uranus In All Regions DVD Format!!

Viritually nothing had been learned about the planet Uranus since it was first discovered in 1690 when John Flamsteed first observed it, French astronomer Pierre Lemonnier reacquired it in 1750, and Sir William Herschel established its reality in 1781. Then on January 24, 1986, Voyager II visited it and learned more Uranus and its moons during its flyby than all the centuries prior. It discovered complex rings, multiple unknown moons and a variety of unknown features of the planet itself and its five major moons. These discoveries are cataloged in this fascinating hour long documentary of the venerable Nova series with the assistance of the scientific team engaged on the Voyager project who make its breathtaking discoveries simple to understand and fascinating to behold (Color, 58 Minutes).

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