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The Parade DVD North Korea Rallies During1988 Seoul Olympics

The Parade DVD North Korea Rallies During1988 Seoul Olympics
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North Korea’s Spectacular 40th Anniversary Response To The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games As Captured By Polish Television In All Regions DVD Format!

This is one of the scariest and strangest films you will ever see! This is how North Korea reacted while the 1988 Olympic games were being held in Seoul, just across its border with South Korea: the staggering mass celebrations and rallies that marked the 40th anniversary of founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Mass daytime and torchlight nighttime marches; long elaborate parades touting supposed achievements of North Korean science, industry and medicine; plus unique classroom footage of boys and girls being taught the care and use of infantry weapons, and how to emote properly while praising their then-leader Kim Il Sung or denouncing either South Korea and America - this official Polish State TV news film, produced immediately prior to the fall of Poland's own repressive state regime, documents it all. A priceless and unique insight into what remains one of the most closed societies in the world (1989, Color, 1 Hour)

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