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The Narcotic Story 1957 aka The Dreaded Profession Drug Film

The Narcotic Story 1957 aka The Dreaded Profession Drug Film
Item# the-narcotic-story-1957-aka-the-dreaded-profession-drug-1957
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Small-Town Teenagers Become Big-Time Drig Addicts As Marijuana Opens The Door To Heroin Addiction! Classic 1950s Anti-Marijuana Film Propaganda In All Regions DVD Format!


That damnable corrupting establishment, the malt shop, is the venue through which the crumbling of the morals of America's youth occurs, no matter how nice the kids, no matter how avuncular the soda jerks, no matter if the drug proferred is marijuana or any other. Classic period footage of police drug searches and surveillance/detective methods. (B&W, 1:15).


Robert W. Larsen


Roger Emerson Garris


Art Gilmore ... Narrator (voice)

Herbert Crisp

Joe Delro (as Officer Joe Delro)

Darlene Hendricks

Bob Hopkins

Douglas Kester (as Officer Douglas Kester)

Patricia Lynn

Fred Marratto

John Murphy (as Sgt. John Murphy)

Allen Pitt

Sharon Strand

Nan Terry ... Policewoman (as Officer Nan Terry)

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