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The March Of Time DVD Set All 3 TV Series 1933-46 7 Discs

The March Of Time DVD Set All 3 TV Series 1933-46 7 Discs
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All Three March Of Time TV Series (On The March, In Time Of War, Reporting The Dictators) Assembled In A Single 7 DIsc DVD MegaSet! 25 Half Hour Episodes Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format!


Series #1: The March Of Time: On The March 1935-1938 Newsreels 3 DVD Set
The 1985 TV Series On The March Of Time’s Years Leading Up To World War II - 10 Half Hour Episodes:

A New Deal, A New Reel | Left March, Right March (Cross of Fire, Stalin's Unification Efforts, Executioner Of France | The Power Of Pictures (The C.C.C., T.V.A., Father Divine | Hunger In Britain, Mussolini's Problems With League Of Nations, Albania | Of Kings And Countryman (King George's Abdication, 1936 Relief Failure, 1936 Presidential Race) | The Good, The Bad And The Lunatic Fringe (Chaing Kai Shek, Turillo Of Santo Domingo, Gerald Smith) | On The March: All Work, Some Play (Woman Who Work, British Miner Strife, The Arts In America | Time To Change (Demise Of British Royalty, Ataturk Of Turkey, Mayor La Guardia) | Britain's Dilemma (British Holidays, The League Of Nations, Appeasement) | "Revolutionizing The Newsreel" (Germany 1938)

Series #2: The March Of Time: In Time Of War 1939-1945 Newsreels 2 DVD Set
The 1986 TV Series On The March Of Time’s World War II Newsreels - 8 Half Hour Episodes:

A True Frenchman | Our Soviet Ally | The Battle Of Production | Behind The Lines | Soldiers Of The Rising Sun | The Shadow Of The Bomber | The New World Order | Heroes' Return

Series #3: The March Of Time: Reporting The Dictators 1933-46 Newsreels 2 DVD Set
The 1988 TV Series On The March Of Time’s Newsreel Coverage Of World Fascism - 7 Half Hour Episodes:

In The Balance (World Democracy Threatened By Emergence Of Fascism) | Behind The Rising Sun (Rise Of Militarism In Japan) | Conquest (Third Reich Bullies Europe) | The Strange Defeat (Wartime And Pre-War Fascism In France) | Roads To Freedom (Jewish Oppression) | The View From America (America Anticipates War) | Retribution (War Crimes)

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