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The Language Of War DVD Military Double-Talk

The Language Of War DVD Military Double-Talk
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Is It An Invasion, Or Is It A Pre-Dawn Vertical Insertion? Is It Air Bombing, Or Is It Air Support? Is It Dead And Wounded, Or Is It Casualties? Whatever Word Or Phrase Is Being Used In Place Of What Something Actually Is, MIlitary-Industrial Double-Talk, What George Orwell Called "Newspeak", Seeks To Frame And Reframe All Points Of Discussion About An Issue In The Interests Of Those Who Control What's Being Said On The Behalf Of Those Who're Doing What's Actually Being Done. This Emmy Nominated 1990 Installment Of The Venerable Weekly Military/Public Affairs Show "America's Defense Monitor" Explores The Tangled Web They Weave Who Practice To Decieve And Alerts Us To The Consquences Of A Society Whose Discourse Is Limited By The Language That The Military, Business And Government Use To Propagandize Notions Rather Than Disseminate Facts. Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format! (Color, 1990, 30 Minutes.)

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