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The Great War DVD Set 1964 WWI TV Series 26 Shows 6 Discs

The Great War DVD Set 1964 WWI TV Series 26 Shows 6 Discs
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The Lost 1964 BBC TV Series On World War I Whose Success Inspired The Production Of “The World At War”! 18 Hours Packed Into 26 Episodes Narrated By Michael Redgrave With Readings By Ralph Richardson, Emlyn Williams And More On 6 Dual Layer All Regions DVDs!

Part 1: "on the idle hill of summer" | Part 2: "for such a stupid reason too" | Part 3: "we must hack our way through" | Part 4: "our hats we doff to General Joffre" | Part 5: "this business may last a long time" | Part 6: "so sleep easy in your beds" | Part 7: "we await the heavenly manna" | Part 8: "why don't you come and help?" | Part 9: "please God send us a victory" | Part 10: "what are our Allies doing?" | Part 11: "hell cannot be so terrible" | Part 12: "for Gawd's sake don't send me" | Part 13: "the Devil is coming" | Part 14: "all this it is our duty to bear" | Part 15: "we are betrayed, sold, lost" | Part 16: "right is more precious than peace" | Part 17: "surely we have perished" | Part 18: "fat Rodzyanko has sent me some nonsense" | Part 19: "the hell where youth and laughter go" | Part 20: "only war, nothing but war" | Part 21: "it was like the end of the world" | Part 22: "damn them, are they never coming in?" | Part 23: "when must the end be?" | Part 24: "Allah made Mesopotamia - and added flies" | Part 25: "the iron thrones are falling" | Part 26: "...and we were young"

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