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The Enterprise In Action (1965) DVD Vietnam War Operations

The Enterprise In Action (1965) DVD Vietnam War Operations
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The lives and adventures of Skyhawk fighter-bomber pilots who fought and died in The Vietnam War while flying missions from the top of the premier nuclear aircraft carrier of the day! The landmark 1965 television documentary made wIth unprecedented access to an aircraft carrier conducting military operations in All Regions DVD Format!

*7/18/15: Updated With Video Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality!

An extraordinary TV documentary produced by the venerable Wolper organization that follows in real time the lives, adventures and misadventures of a group of Skyhawk fighter-bomber pilots assigned to the premier nuclear aircraft carrier of the day, the U.S.S. Enterprise. Many of these men wound up killed or missing in action during the course of the filming of the documentary. One learns to care about these pilots and their concerns, while at the same time learning how the air war had changed in strength and intensity in the midst of the course of military actions that this film documents. An extraordinary documentary. (1965, Black and White, 49 Minutes)

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