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The Emperor's Eye DVD World's Greatest Chinese Art Collection

The Emperor's Eye DVD World's Greatest Chinese Art Collection
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The World's Greatest Collection Of Chinese Art Is Here Gloriously Displayed In The High-Tech Underground Security Exhibition Halls Of Taiwan's National Palace Museum (Color, 59 Minutes, All Regions DVD Format).

When the Japanese were marching on the Chinese capitol in 1931, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ordered the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City in Beijing to ship its art collection, painstakingly assembled by the Emperor Qianlong during the 1700s, and send it on an epic journey south to the city of Nanjing. When the Chinese nationalists were fending off defeat by their communist adversaries during 1948, as much of the collection as possible (2,972 crates, which consisted of the best of the collection) was shipped to Taiwan, where it remains in the National Palace Museum to this day. Were its exhibits to be changed every 6 months, it would take 30 years to show the complete collection! Astoundingly beautiful and ancient pen and ink drawings, paintings, sculpture, pottery and many more arts and handiworks provide a dazzling spectacle to help document the story of the collection's rescue, its curators and devotees who carry on its artistic traditions, and the significance and meaning of the artifacts.

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