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The Eleanor Roosevelt Story DVD 1965 Macleish Sevareid

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story DVD 1965 Macleish Sevareid
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The Insightful And Poetic 1966 Film Narrated By Archibald Macleish, Eric Sevareid And Francis Cole! The Winner Of The 1966 Academy Award For Best Documentary And The 1966 National Board Of Review Award For Best English Language Film In All Regions DVD Format!



Won The Academy Award for Best Documentary and The National Board of Review Award for Best English Language Film in 1966. An extraordinary, sensitive, poetic and admiring film, produced 3 years after her death, written by the eminent American poet and diplomat Achibald Macleish and narrated by Macleish, the great broadcast journalist Eric Severeid and Mrs. Roosevelt's childhood friend Francis Cole.

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