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The DeStalinization Of Russia DVD

The DeStalinization Of Russia DVD
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The 1988 TV Documentary That Captures The Fall From Grace Of Joseph Stalin In The Life And Myth Of Russia In All Regions DVD Format!

1988 was a watershed moment in Russian history. As the glasnost and perestroika reforms of Soviet Premier Gorbachev fostered a bloodless revolution in the conciousness of the nation, the cult of personality of Joseph Stalin began to disintegrate as the truth of his crimes, first diseminated by Premier Khrushchev some thirty years earlier with limited success, began to become common knowledge. Through a survey of Stalin's tyranny, an overview of the current state of the nation, interviews with Russia's leading lights among the intelligentsia, business and political establishment, as well as the common people, the historic changes that were sweeping through Russia at this critical moment in history are illustrated in sharp contrast, with insight, acute awareness of the gravity of the moment, and empathy (Color and Black & White, 50 Minutes, All Regions DVD Format).

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