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The Buster Keaton Story DVD 1957 Donald O'Connor

The Buster Keaton Story DVD 1957 Donald O'Connor
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The Fanciful And Funny 1957 Comedy Film Loosely Based On The Life Of Buster Keaton Starring Donald O'Connor, Ann Blyth, Rhonda Fleming And Peter Lorre With Guest Star Cecil B. DeMille Packed Into 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD! (Black & White, 1 Hour 28 Minutes.)


Sidney Sheldon


Sidney Sheldon, Robert Smith


Donald O'Connor ... Buster Keaton

Ann Blyth ... Gloria Brent

Rhonda Fleming ... Peggy Courtney

Peter Lorre ... Kurt Bergner

Larry Keating ... Larry Winters

Jackie Coogan ... Elmer Case

Richard Anderson ... Tom McAffee

Dave Willock ... Joe Keaton

Claire Carleton ... Myra Keaton

Larry White ... Buster - Age 7

Dan Seymour ... Indian Chief

Michael Ross ... Assistant Chief

Nan Martin ... Edna

Robert Christopher ... Nick

Richard Aherne ... Franklin

Ralph Dumke ... Mr. Jennings

Tim Ryan ... Studio Policeman

Joseph Forte ... Theatre Manager

Larry Rio ... Holt

Constance Cavendish ... Wife

Ivan Triesault ... Duke Alexander Michael David

Pamela Jayson ... Leading Woman

Keith Richards ... Leading Man

Dick Ryan ... Susan's Father

Guy Wilkerson ... Boarder

Elizabeth Slifer ... Mrs. Anderson

Cecil B. DeMille ... Cecil B. DeMille

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