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The Best Of Encyclopedia DVD 1989 TV Series Highlights

The Best Of Encyclopedia DVD 1989 TV Series Highlights
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The Funniest, Most Original And Most Entertaining Comedy Skits Of The 1989 Educational Cable TV Series "Encyclopedia" In All Regions DVD Format! (45 Minutes, Color.)

Contains Skits On Encyclopedia Entries Such As:

Carnivores (The Wolves Have The Rabbits Over For Dinner) | Leif Ericson (Reggae/Viking History Lesson) | Optimism (The Optimist/Pessimist Brothers) | Organs (Dr. Frankenstein Reanimates A Corpse To Be A Date For The Doctor's Sister) | Atoms (Soft Rock Song By Betty) | Jester (Depressed Fool Gets His Funny Back) | Intestine (How The Debonair Man Digests Food) | Geography (Miss Mata Horn And James Pond) | Egg (Chick Talks Before It Hatches) | King Louis XIV (Harpsichorded History Lesson Ala Elton John) | Duck (D.A. Lovin' Rocker Loves Ducks) | Glass (Lady Bull In A Glass Shop) | Venus Fly Trap (Guess Who Came To Dinner ) | Echo (Soft Rock Song By Betty)

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