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The Bed Sitting Room UK Nuclear War Comedy DVD

The Bed Sitting Room UK Nuclear War Comedy DVD
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Released For The First Time On DVD! Richard Lester’s Mad 1969 Post Apocalyptic Comedy Caper Starring Rita Tushingham, Ralph Richardson, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore & Spike Milligan! 90 Madcap Minutes Packed Into One All Regions DVD!


The celebrated director of such films as The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" makes a foray into surrealist psychodramatic comedy with this 1969 production where "they" did indeed drop "the big one", people turn into furniture, and boy not only meets girl but lives next to her in the London subway system! Goon Show alumni Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe also appear alongside some of the stellar UK comedy greats of the day (Color, 1:30)


Richard Lester


John Antrobus (Screenplay), Charles Wood (Adaptation), Spike Milligan & John Antrobus (Play)


Rita Tushingham ... Penelope

Ralph Richardson ... Lord Fortnum of Alamein

Peter Cook ... Inspector

Dudley Moore ... Sergeant

Spike Milligan ... Mate

Michael Hordern ... Bules Martin

Roy Kinnear ... Plastic mac man

Richard Warwick ... Allan

Arthur Lowe ... Father

Mona Washbourne ... Mother

Ronald Fraser ... The Army

Dandy Nichols ... Mrs Ethel Shroake

Frank Thornton ... The BBC

Harry Secombe ... Shelter Man

Jimmy Edwards ... Nigel

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