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The Battle Of Monte Cassino DVD World War II Documentaries

The Battle Of Monte Cassino DVD World War II Documentaries
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Europe's Most Impregnable Position, Crowned By An Abbey, Is Laid Ruin After A Dozen Brutal Battles! A Full 2 Hours Packed Into 4 Documentaries On 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!

*3/28/14: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With "BATTLE OF MONTE CASSINO" With Commentary By Eric Sevareid, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To A High Quality Dual Layer DVD For Easier Storage, Lower Cost And Best Performance In All DVD Players, And Manufactured Using Genuine Verbatim Brand Dual Layer DVD+R Disc Stock, The World's Best!


Walter Cronkite narrates as this venerable epic World War II documentary series explains the role airpower had in interdicting transportation systems in the Italian theater, how it supported the many Allied efforts to take Monte Cassino and particularly how it served as the instrument of tragic destruction of the first Benedictine Abbey St. Benedict founded.

Walter Cronkite takes to narrating another classic WWII documentary TV series as he surveys the beetling promintory of Mount Cassino's repeated repulsions of a dozen some all out attacks and the admitted-to-be unneccessary aerial bombardment of the Abbey of the Cassino.

BATTLELINE: MONTE CASSINO (24 Minutes, Black and White)
This episode from the epic 1963 documentary series featuring an account from a soldier from each side of this particular battle.

MONTE OF MONTE CASSINO (36 Min., Color And Black and White)
An comprehensive British TV documentary which carefully investigates and analyzes the battle, with additional commentary by Eric Sevareid.

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