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The Avant-Garde In Russia 1910-1930 DVD Art Documentary

The Avant-Garde In Russia 1910-1930 DVD Art Documentary
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The Historic Once-In-A-Lifetime 1980 Art Exhibition Of The Seminal Yet Banned Soviet Avant-Garde Artists Held At The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art In A Special 88 Minute Comprehensive Documentary Hosted By Hugh Downs In All Regions DVD Format!

*11/22/15: Updated With Video Newly Redigitized In The Highest Quality DVD Video Format Of 9 MBPS For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To An Archival Quality Dual Layer Format DVD!

In the apt words of host Hugh Downs: "We are dealing here with art and artists. We are dealing here with a mad, romantic, mystical, inventive, intellectual, intuitive, explosive, passionate, and finally tragic period in the history of art; modern art; twentieth century art. We are dealing here with the mad, romantic, mystical, inventive, intellectual, explosive, passionate and too frequently tragic artists who made it happen. We are dealing here with painting, sculpture, theater, literature, ceramics, fashion, music, design, film, photography and architecture and the ways they were created by the avant-garde in Russia."

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