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That Was The Week That Was; BBC's Tribute To JFK MP3 CD

That Was The Week That Was; BBC's Tribute To JFK MP3 CD
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Released For The First Time On CD! ''That Was The Week That Was: The British Broadcasting Corporation's Tribute To John Fitzgerald Kennedy; The BBC Telecast Saturday, November 23, 1963", The BBC's Memorial Tribute Hosted By David Frost Made Hours After JFK's Assassination And Immediately Released As This 33 1/3 Vinyl Record Album Release In MP3 CD Format!


Side One: 1. David Frost | 2. Roy Kinnear | 3. David Kernan | 4. Al Mancini | 5. Kenneth Cope | 6. William Rushton | 7. Lance Percival | 8. David Frost | 9. Millicent Martin: "In The Summer Of His Years"

Side Two: 1. David Frost | 2. Robert Lang | 3. Dame Sybil Thorndike: "To Jackie" | 4. Bernard Smith | 5. David Frost

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