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Terry And The Pirates DVD 1940 Complete Movie Serial 2 Discs

Terry And The Pirates DVD 1940 Complete Movie Serial 2 Discs
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The Complete Unedited 15 Part 1940 Movie Serial Where Terry Joins His Archaeologist Father Dr. Herbert Lee To Fight Master Fang, The Jungle Pirate Warlord. And The Dragon Lady, Queen Of The Temple Of Mara, With The Help Of Their Pals Pat Ryan And Normandie Drake, In The Quest To Decipher Mara's Ancient Inscriptions! (1940, Black and White, 4 Hours 40 Minutes).

James W. Horne

Milton Caniff (Comic Strip), Mark Layton, George Morgan, Joseph Levering (Screenplay)

William Tracy ... Terry Lee
Jeff York ... Pat Ryan
Joyce Bryant ... Normandie Drake
John Paul Jones ... Dr. Herbert Lee
Allen Jung ... Connie
Victor DeCamp ... Big Stoop
Sheila Darcy ... The Dragon Lady
Dick Curtis ... Master Fang
Forrest Taylor ... Allen Drake
Jack Ingram ... Stanton

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