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Spooks Run Wild DVD East Side Kids Bowery Boys

Spooks Run Wild DVD East Side Kids Bowery Boys
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The Boys Are Sent To A Mountain Camp - Where There's A "Monster Killer" Roaming the Countryside!


SPOOKS RUN WILD (1941, Black & White, 1:05)


Phil Rosen


Carl Foreman, Charles R. Marion, Jack Henley


Bela Lugosi ... Nardo

Leo Gorcey ... Muggs

Bobby Jordan ... Danny

Huntz Hall ... Glimpy

Ernest Morrison ... Scruno (as Sunshine Sammy Morrison)

Dave O'Brien ... Jeff Dixon (as David O'Brien)

Dorothy Short ... Linda Mason

David Gorcey ... Peewee

Donald Haines ... Skinny

Dennis Moore ... Dr. Von Grosch

P.J. Kelly ... Lem Harvey (as P.J. Kelley)

Angelo Rossitto ... Luigi

Guy Wilkerson ... Constable Jim

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