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Spanish-American War And The Cuban War Of Independence Films In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

Spanish-American War And The Cuban War Of Independence Films In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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Over 70 Minutes Packed Into 70 Videos From The Dawn Of Film History Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


'Vizcaya' under full headway | 10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion, leaving cars | 25th Infantry | 71st Regiment, Camp Wyckoff | 9th Infantry boys' morning wash | Admiral Dewey landing at Gibraltar | Admiral Dewey leading land parade, no. 2 | Admiral Dewey leading land parade | Admiral Dewey receiving the Washington and New York committees | Admiral Dewey taking leave of Washington committee on the U.S. cruiser 'Olympia' | Advance of Kansas Volunteers at Caloocan | Aguinaldo's navy | An historic feat | Astor Battery on parade | Blanket-tossing a new recruit | Burial of the 'Maine' victims | Capture of trenches at Candaba | Close view of the 'Brooklyn', naval parade | Colonel Funston swimming the Bagbag River | Colored troops disembarking | Cuban ambush | Cuban refugees waiting for rations | Cuban volunteers embarking | Filipinos retreat from trenches | General Lee's procession, Havana | General Wheeler and Secretary Alger | Governor Roosevelt and staff | Love and war | Major General Shafter | McKinley and party | Military camp at Tampa, taken from train | Morning colors on U.S. cruiser 'Raleigh' | Morro Castle, Havana Harbor | N.Y. Journal despatch yacht 'Buccaneer' | Observation train following parade | Pack mules with ammunition on the Santiago Trail, Cuba | Packing ammunition on mules, Cuba | Parade of Marines, U.S. cruiser 'Brooklyn' | President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders | Raising Old Glory over Morro Castle | Reviewing the 'Texas' at Grant's Tomb | Roosevelt's Rough Riders embarking for Santiago | Roosevelt's Rough Riders | Sampson-Schley controversy | Sampson and Schley controversy--tea party | Secretary Long and Captain Sigsbee | Shooting captured insurgents | Skirmish of Rough Riders | Soldiers washing dishes | The Dandy Fifth | The Dewey Arch | The fleet steaming up North River | Trained cavalry horses | Transport 'Whitney' leaving dock | Troop ships for the Philippines | Troops at evacuation of Havana | Troops embarking at San Francisco | Troops making military road in front of Santiago | U.S. battleship 'Indiana' | U.S. battleship 'Oregon' | U.S. cavalry supplies unloading at Tampa, Florida | U.S. cruiser 'Olympia' leading naval parade | U.S. cruiser 'Raleigh' | U.S. Infantry supported by Rough Riders at El Caney | U.S. troops and Red Cross in the trenches before Caloocan | U.S. troops landing at Daiquirí, Cuba | War correspondents | Wounded soldiers embarking in row boats | Wreck of the 'Vizcaya' | Wreck of the battleship 'Maine'

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