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Soldiers A History Of Men In Battle DVD Set All 13 Shows 7 Discs

Soldiers A History Of Men In Battle DVD Set All 13 Shows 7 Discs
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Released For The First Time On DVD! The Complete 1985 BBC TV Series Hosted By Eminent Author Frederick Forsyth Chronicling The Military History Of The World In Terms Of Its Elements And Weapons! All 13 Episodes Of 50 Minutes Each Packed Into 7 All Regions DVDs!

*7/14/15: Updated With All Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Expanded From A 4 Disc To A 7 Disc DVD MegaSet!


The Face Of Battle | The Cavalry

Artillery | Infantry

Tank! | Air Power

Casualty | The Sinews Of War (Supply)

Fighting Spirit | Commander

Irregulars | Engineer

Experience Of War

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