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Seven Days In The Life Of The President DVD Lyndon Johnson 1965

Seven Days In The Life Of The President DVD Lyndon Johnson 1965
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7 Days Of President Lyndon Baines Johnson's Administration Are Captured In This The Unprecedented 1965 TV Documentary That Follows The President Of The United States For One Full Week In The Course Of His Duties In All Regions DVD Format!


In May of 1965 President Lyndon Johnson requested that the Wolper organization follow him around for a week to record and document the life of a president for a full working week. It resulted in capturing a moment of crisis as the President had to decide on a change of course of the air war in the Vietnam conflict. Sympathetic at times, critical at others while maintaining its journalistic integrity, this television documentary provides a unique insight into the personal/public life struggle of a US President generally at that of Lyndon Johnson particularly (1965, Black and White, 46 Minutes).

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